Love Big {Children’s Book}

Love Big {Children’s Book}

I received a copy of Love Big” ($15.95 value) in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Love Big is the second book in a trilogy from author, Kronenberg, who also brought us the award winning, Dream Big. 

In this new book, “When we love big, we can achieve extraordinary dreams!” is Kronenberg’s mantra. 

This story begins in the now African savanna that is desolate and turned dry.  All the animals are in an “every animal for themselves” mode and seek only their own interests.   Until, one Baboon makes one simple kind gesture, which in turn, dominoes the whole savanna.  

Love Big can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.  This colorful illustrated book is geared for grades Preschool – 5th (ages 3-10).  There are plenty of BIG words for young readers and it’s also a wordier book for young readers.   Older readers will enjoy the reading challenge for that this book will bring.    

About the Author

Kat Kronenberg is a born-and-raised Texan with a Big Dream—that Two-Leggers, people, all around the world catch CATCH-M too, watch their wildest dreams come true, and live out the motto: ”Believe YOU CAN! Smile. Be you and jump for joy as you do!”

Kat lives in Austin with her husband and is the proud parent of two amazing boys, two beautiful adopted nieces, two extraordinary grandchildren, and three four-legged friends.

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