4 Things Most People Get Wrong When Doing the Laundry

4 Things Most People Get Wrong When Doing the Laundry

Guest Post By Kara Masterson

Laundry is an endless chore that seems simple, yet people often have different ideas on the correct way to get the job done. In many households, one person does all of the laundry because they dislike something about how their partner does it. However, there are a few things most people get wrong when it comes to this task.

Read Tags

So many people skip out on reading the tags on their clothing. These tags contain basic washing instructions. Sometimes this requires washing more loads which no one wants to do, but following these directions increases the lifespan of your clothes. Some things aren’t machine safe and others can’t go in the dryer. Setting up a line outside is great because it saves money and makes your delicate clothes live longer. Read the instructions and always follow the recommendations to make your clothes last and keep them looking their best.

Pouring Detergent

Never pour the detergent directly on clothing. This can cause stains and make the washing process less efficient. The soap can cling to the garment that it’s dumped on and increase residue. Add the soap when the water is flowing, preferably after there’s a decent amount of water already in the machine. Measure the soap in the cap and put the cap in the water. When it seems to be running mostly clear, dump the soapy water in the cap towards the opposite side of the machine for better distribution of soap.


Hampers are for more than just dirty clothes. Having dedicated clean laundry hampers helps to keep your clothes clean as they get transported and until they get put away. If you have a clothesline as suggested above, a hamper is an efficient way of transporting the clothes to the line without having to take multiple trips or perform balancing acts. It’s also a great space to fold clothes until they are put away. If you have multiple dirty clothes hampers, this is a great way to save time. Sort your clothes in advance and never worry about finding a white sock at the bottom of the hamper right after you did that load.

Loose Garments

A garment bag is a cheap investment that will save your clothes. Everyone knows how obnoxious it is when socks and other small delicates disappear. A garment bag saves your socks and other items from the voracious washing machine. Never worry about disappearing and mismatched socks when you have this handy bag on your side.

Laundry will always get done, but preserve your clothes by ensuring that your garments are properly cared for. Extend the life of your clothes and machines by following these simple suggestions.

More About the Author

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.


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