School Bathroom Anxiety a Common and Misunderstood Problem: DocuSol® Kids Offers Help

School Bathroom Anxiety a Common and Misunderstood Problem: DocuSol® Kids Offers Help

Despite having completed potty training, many parents find that bathroom issues can continue to persist in their school-age children. Anxiety about using a public bathroom can lead to physical health issues in kids, like chronic constipation. DocuSol® Kids mini-enemas ( were developed as a fast and effective treatment for constipation.

Docusol Kids box

Docusol Kids box

Children can find using a public school bathroom troubling for a variety of reasons: fear of embarrassment, fear of getting lost, concerns about toiletries that are different than those they use at home, and fear of missing out on activities in class. When children “withhold” their urine or feces, it can quickly become a medical issue that sometimes leads to complications. The Journal of Pediatric Health Care1 explored some of these complications, like bed-wetting, which can affect as many as 40 percent of children involved.   

For parents who need help with children who experience occasional constipation, DocuSol® Kids is an easy-to-use, reliable solution. Each DocuSol® Kids mini-enema contains a delivered dose of 100mg docusate sodium in a polyethylene glycol base, and is intended for use with children 2-12 years of age (with adult supervision). DocuSol® Kids provides fast and predictable results, typically within 2 -15 minutes. 2 In addition, DocuSol® Kids:

  • Is affordably priced for constipation relief.
  • Provides ease of use for both clinicians and parents.
  • Uses a non-irritating formula.
  • Has an easy, soft flexible tip for rectal use.
  • Is a recommended rectal therapy for those children unwilling or unable to swallow medications.

Parents and caregivers can count on DocuSol® Kids for an easy and safe rectal therapy. DocuSol® Kids products can be found on shelves at local retailers such as Rite Aid, HEB, Meijer’s and Albertsons as well as online at Additional information is available online at:

Disclaimer: The material contained is for reference purposes only and obtained through public domain. Alliance Labs, LLC and Summit Pharmaceuticals do not assume responsibility for patient care or the accuracy of the processes or information presented. Contact a physician prior to use.

About DocuSol® Kids

DocuSol® Kids offers the highest quality incontinence products to the federal government, national pharmaceutical wholesalers, retailers and healthcare providers across the country. Alliance Labs is the distributor of both the DocuSol® and Enemeez® product lines. The staff at Alliance Labs is dedicated to researching and pursuing product lines designed to improve the lives of the patients they serve. Learn more at:

Sources: 1. Journal of Pediatric Health Care / “Constipation in the Pediatric Patient: An Overview and Pharmacologic Considerations.” / November-December 2010. 2. Federal Register / Vol. 50, No. 10 / Tuesday, January15, 1985 / Proposed Rules; pgs. 2124-2158.

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