Wisdom Will™ Inventor Helping Parents Give the Gift of Hindsight

Wisdom Will™ Inventor Helping Parents Give the Gift of Hindsight

Jeff Davis created the Wisdom Will to help parents capture and organize their life experiences, values and words of wisdom for the benefit of their children and future generations.  The Wisdom Will™ is designed to be a gift you give your child, grandchild or another special young person at a milestone time in their life like high school graduation or before they go off to college.  But it’s also guaranteed to reach your child if you are unable to present it yourself.


The online service is broken up into 16 categories ranging from education, money and career to marriage, family and faith.  Each optional category is full of valuable content to help parents from start to finish, and you can create your own categories as well.  When completed the company’s software converts the parent’s data into their official Wisdom Will™ document.

The idea took flight after Wisdom Will™ creator Jeff Davis and his family lost their home to a fire in 2018.  “It wasn’t a near-death experience,” Jeff explained, “but it was close enough to make me get serious about leaving a legacy for my children.  Before I knew it I had written over 20 pages for them and that’s when I realized I had created something that could benefit other parents and families as well.”  

The Wisdom Will™ is not a legal document and does not take the place of a last will and testament.  “You can leave a child money and property,” said Jeff. “But without wisdom and guidance those things can soon be gone.  But if they have access to your life lessons during and long after your lifetime it will be like living with the benefit of hindsight.  How powerful would that be?” 

To see the TV interview and to learn more about Jeff Davis and his inspiration for the Wisdom Will™ visit https://wisdomwill.com/more-about/

Cynthia Tait

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