How to Prevent Food Allergies in Children #lilmixins

How to Prevent Food Allergies in Children #lilmixins

Did you know that in every classroom in America, there are on average 2 children with a food allergy? More importantly, did you know that you can now PREVENT food allergies?

Yes, really.

In 2016, lil mixins learned that giving babies peanuts can lower the risk of a peanut allergy up to 80%. (LEAP Study) The data was so strong that the American Academy of Pediatrics updated its guidelines, and now recommends that all babies start eating peanuts early on, around 4-6 months old. The problem is, most new parents don’t yet know about this updated guidance.

That’s where Lil Mixins comes in.

Founded by a food allergy mom in 2017, they make completely natural, powdered foods for infants that help busy parents follow the guidelines and lower their children’s chance of developing a food allergy.

Want to learn more about the latest guidelines from the medical community, and how Lil Mixins can make your daily life easier, while taking away one major concern all parents have nowadays?  If so come visit lil mixins at

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