“Victoria’s Voice” is an Eye-Opener for Parents to Read {Book Showcase}

“Victoria’s Voice” is an Eye-Opener for Parents to Read {Book Showcase}

I received a copy of Victoria’s Voice” ($19.95 value) in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

On June 6, 2015, David and Jackie Siegel received the call that no parent should ever get.  Their beautiful, vibrant, 18-year-old daughter Victoria had died of a drug overdose.  The Siegels then vowed to do whatever it takes to prevent this from happening to other parents and so Victoria’s Voice was created.   

Currently, the opioid crisis is among us and this story is just one of too many created from the destruction on our young people with drugs.  Victoria’s Voice was pulled together by the hand written notes and art from Victoria Siegel’s actual diary.  It contains the raw ups and downs of a teenager and at times struggle for acceptance along with her drug addiction and alcohol usage.  As we’ve all heard way too many times, it all starts with a prescription drug and then escalates to other forms of drugs to finally take them over the edge, which was in Victoria’s case too.

As so it seemed, in the beginning, Victoria had a very happy childhood, but then the lavish popular family lifestyle with living in a Celebrity household, the obsession with her weight, being bullied at school all seemed to come to a head early in her teen years.  Anorexia, bullying, also came into play, along with prescription drugs…which little did they know would seal her fate to the end.

Victoria’s Voice is an eye opener for all parents to read and to take a step back and really look into their children’s lives and really put them front and center and help them with their needs to thrive. Life is tough out there and the struggles are real for many.  May this book open some doors for families now struggling.        

Victoria’s Voice is a quick read that can be purchased at MomosaPublishing.com or Amazon.com.

Disclaimer:  As mentioned, the diary notes are raw, so there is vulgar language and many adult situations mentioned.    

About the Authors

David Siegel is the founder, CEO, and President of Westgate Resorts. As a pioneer in the tourism industry, David has spent the past 30 years building CFI/Westgate Resorts into the largest privately-owned company in Central Florida. His empire includes timeshare, real estate, construction, hotel and apartment management, travel services, telecommunications, citrus, insurance, transportation and retail. David has been honored as the Entrepreneur of the Year for construction and real estate in Central Florida and finished second in the Entrepreneur of the Year national competition.

Jackie Siegel, a former Mrs. Florida America, has a full-schedule as a devoted mother, model, actress, and philanthropist. Happily married to Westgate Resorts founder and CEO David Siegel, together they have eight children. She is also on the Board of Directors for the Westgate Resorts Foundation. She keeps herself busy running a charity thrift mart and participates in numerous charity activities.

David and Jackie starred in the Sundance award-winning movie, The Queen of Versailles.

For more information, visit www.victoriasiegelfoundation.org or follow David on Twitter and Jackie on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

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