This Halloween Chef Leigh Ann Chatagnier Serves up a Spooky Twist on a Classic Cocktail

This Halloween Chef Leigh Ann Chatagnier Serves up a Spooky Twist on a Classic Cocktail

Halloween is all about celebrating fall with sweet treats.  After the kids have feasted on their treats, Chef and food personality, Leigh Ann Chatagnier, (My Diary of Us) says parents deserve a treat of their own.  Her twist on a classic cocktail is the perfect drink to relax with after passing out candy to all those little ghosts and goblins and enjoy all fall long.

“I love a warm and cozy cocktail as soon as fall rolls around and I thought how fun is it to make a drink that is spooky enough for Halloween?” Leigh Ann states.  “This is the perfect drink to mix up in a large batch and serve it pitcher style in a thermos if you are having a Halloween party (for adults!).”

Spiced Caramel Apple Hot Toddy (Serves 2)

You will love the warmth from the cinnamon and star anise as well as the hint of sweetness from the apple cider and caramels!  The drink is rounded off with a kick of bourbon to keep all the flavors in check and makes this hot toddy one that you are going to love mixing up way past Halloween!

•    3 Oz. Bulleit Bourbon
•    1 Cup Apple Cider
•    1/8 Cup Fresh Orange Juice + 1 whole Orange Slice
•    8 Caramel Candies
•    1 Splash of Water
•    1 Cinnamon Stick
•    2 Star Anise
•    8 Whole Cloves

•    In a small saucepan combine apple cider, orange juice, 4 caramel candies, cinnamon stick, start anise, orange slice, and whole cloves, and simmer for 15 minutes until fragrant and caramels have melted stirring occasionally.
•    In two heat safe glasses, add 1 1/2 oz. of bourbon each.
•    Take the remaining caramels and add a splash of water to a microwave safe bowl and microwave on high for 30 seconds to 1 minutes until caramels are melted and smooth. (Alternatively you can melt on the stove.)
•    Strain the warmed spiced caramel apple cider into each glass equally, stir with the bourbon, and garnish with an apple slice and drizzle the melted caramels over the rim of each glass.
•    Serve immediately.

Leigh Ann Chatagnier loves to share favorite recipes with her social media followers.  As the founder of My Diary of Us, Leigh Ann invites visitors to come into her kitchen and cook with her and her family.  She is a frequent guest on Houston Life, and cooks up family-friendly meals on Home & Family on The Hallmark Channel and NBC Syndicated Daytime.  She has been featured in Louisiana Cookin’ magazine, Red Trycycle and inRegister.  Leigh Ann is the author of two cookbooks, The Unexpected Cajun Kitchen: Classic Cuisine with a Twist of Farm-to-Table Freshness (Skyhorse/2016), and Natural Baby & Toddler Treats: Homemade, Nourishing Recipes for Baby and Beyond (Skyhorse/2019).

Leigh Ann lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and young son.  Visit her at

Recipes/photos and content reprinted with permission by Leigh Ann Chatagnier /

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