Discover Your PERFECT Mineral Foundation Shade! #SweetMinerals

Discover Your PERFECT Mineral Foundation Shade! #SweetMinerals

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I am so excited to share with you my pure makeup experiences with Sweet Minerals. I am thrilled about these products that I just have to share them with you.

First off, do you wear foundation? I can honestly say that prior to mineral makeup, I tried the liquid foundations and my skin hated them. I looked ridiculous! So for a long time, my face went without any liquid or mineral foundations. Because my skin is oily and sensitive, I have used other mineral foundation products and have been pretty satisfied but now, trying these products, I am ULTRA satisfied. Why? Well, the major perks are that they are natural and stay put even when you sweat! How awesome is that? I did put that to the test and it’s true. I will be sharing a pic when I receive the full sized product which I just ordered!! Right now, I am using the samples so there may not be full coverage. I want to do a “perfect” job. 😉

Before I share what I use, let me tell you a little bit about the Sweet Minerals Foundation product. They are made with the highest quality minerals on earth. Not only is it healthy, natural makeup, the foundations have been formulated to be water-resistant, adhere to the skin like a magnet, and last all day (18+ hours) without fading and separating.  There are no fillers like bismuth to thin out your makeup and irritate your skin.  The unique foundation also contains no talc, oil, perfume, dyes, or chemicals. My skin can tell!! Yep, it seems great! I think I found my perfect shade!!

Before getting started to decide which mineral foundation is right for you, establish what your undertone is…

Because my undertone is neutral (light), (my veins on the inside of my wrist are teal and I tan, but I eventually burn), I was matched to fairly light foundation shade. I’m loving it! Definitely will be doing a full review of the full size product when I can cover my face effectively. The foundation goes on flawlessly and lasts all day. Not many products can do that. I know I’ve tried. Are the shades actually perfect??

Here is a side by side/before and after comparison of Sweet Minerals customers using the foundation in their perfectly matched shade.

While we are waiting for my perfect shade to arrive, I am planning a giveaway of Sweet Minerals samples! I have tan, medium, and deep foundations mineral shades on hand. I will keep you posted on that!!

Stay tuned for next week when we talk about makeup brush care! You have makeup brushes right? It’s important to clean them often for healthy skin and for extended life purposes. I’m currently using Sweet Minerals brushes and I definitely want them to last.

Have a VERY blessed weekend and see you next week!!

So Sweet Image Credit: Sweet Minerals and Lindsey Clair

Foundation Image Credit: Sweet Minreals

Customer Before and After Credit: Sweet Minerals

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