Michigan Mama’s Product Faves (Summer 2021 Second Edition)

Michigan Mama’s Product Faves (Summer 2021 Second Edition)

I received brand samples to review here on the blog ($ values stated in review). Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Welcome to Michigan Mama’s Product Faves! This is our second summer edition and I have some fun products to share with you before we hit the fall season.

Welch’s Juicefuls

Photo Credit: Kelly Clair

I’m excited to share the latest launch from America’s Favorite Fruit Snacks – Welch’s Juicefuls!

Officially making a splash across retailers nationwide, these new next-level snacks – available in three mouthwatering varieties including Mixed Fruit, Berry Blast, and Island Splash – are unlike anything else before as you can taste the fruit and actually see the juice inside each piece!

Made with REAL fruit on the outside and delicious juice on the inside, Welch‘s Juicefuls brings all the goodness consumers love and expect from Welch‘s Fruit Snacks, only with a fun, fruit and juice combination.

Cost: $2.99 at Target and other retailers.

I love that these snacks are made with real fruit. The colors are made from natural sources. No dyes! They are great sources of Vitamins A, C, & E. They were a hit in my house. The box is completely empty. Thankfully I got to try it for myself. They are yummy!

Thank you, Welch’s for this fun opportunity!

Eat Gangster

Eat G.A.N.G.S.T.E.R. Cookie & Cake Mixes: Without grains, eggs, dairy, or nuts, Eat G.A.N.G.S.T.E.R cookie and cake mixes are delicious and kid-friendly. What does G.A.N.G.S.T.E.R stand for? Grain-free, Additive-free, Nightshade-free, Gluten-free, Soy & Legume-free, Tree-nut & Seed-free, Egg & Dairy-free, and Refined Sugar-free. Cake mixes include Choconot Fudge and Cinnawin Spice, and Cookie Mixes include Oatmeal Schmoatmeal, ‘Cut-Out’ Sugar Cookie, and Caro’Bout Fudge Cookie.
Photo Credit: Kelly Clair
I was impressed with the cookies! We received the Caro-Bout Fudge Cookie Mix. While you can tell that they are indeed healthy and contain healthy ingredients, they were tasty. If you are used to treats high in sugar, etc., then you may need to acquire a taste for these specific cookies. Worth a try!
Photo Credit: Kelly Clair
Cost: $12.99
We also received the Cinnawin Spice cake and muffin mix.

“Our Cinnawin Spice cake mix is a winning mix with delicious spices like cinnamon, ginger and cloves.  Without grains, eggs, dairy, nuts and more, our cake mixes are delicious just as they are.  Or, show off your creative flare by adding fruits, vegetables and more.  Enjoy as a cake, muffins or cupcakes, too!”

Cost: $14.99

Perfect for the upcoming fall season!  I would like to thank the folks of Eat Gangster for giving us the opportunity to try their products! =)


Photo Credit: Kelly Clair

I wanted to tell you about a new product that I think you will enjoy!

The product is called IncrediBulb. It’s a brand new LED light bulb, and what makes it unique is that it’s the world’s only flexible, 100% shatterproof light bulb.  IncrediBulb’s enclosure is made with a soft silicone, so although it “looks” like a traditional light bulb, it is completely & totally unbreakable. Check out their 30 second video – this light bulb will amaze you!

Photo Credit: Kelly Clair

IncrediBulb is ideal for attics, basements, boats, RV’s, homes with kids & pets, and tight spaces – anyplace where a light bulb often gets knocked and breaks. IncrediBulb provides the same beautiful lighting as a traditional light bulb but stays cool to the touch (even after hours of use) and uses only a fraction of the energy (our 60 Watt equiv. only uses 7 Watts to give the same amount of light).

Photo Credit: Kelly Clair

Kitchen Concepts, is the manufacturer & creator of IncrediBulb. They are a small (but mighty!) woman-owned company and they are beyond excited that they got the product in Lowe’s stores nationwide.  Joelle Mertzel pitched the item during their “Making it With Lowe’s” program last October and she made it to the Top 8 finalists out of more than 1,000 submissions.  It was a dream come true! How cool is that?

Cost: Two-Pack $9.99

This product is truly amazing. When you first look at it, you would think it’s just a classic lightbulb. Nope! It is soft and does bounce if it’s dropped. Perfect for having little ones and pets in the house. It doesn’t overheat and stays cool in use.

I highly recommend the IncrediBulb! Thanks for the opportunity to review it, IncrediBulb!

Auvon Night Light

Photo Credit: Kelly Clair

AUVON Ultra Bright Motion Sensor Night Light Plug in (120 Lumens), Dimmable Smart LED Nightlight Plug Into Wall with 1lm to 120lm Brightness for Bathroom, Hallway, Kitchen, Garage, Toilet (2 Pack) 

Ultra Bright. Compared with other bright night lights (80lm to 100lm), These LED nightlights come with lumens up to 120, which is quite suitable for dark places where more light is in need, such as hallway, bathroom, garage, kitchen, bedroom, stairs, basement and laundry.

Motion Detector Included. In Auto Mode, if this motion-activated night light detects a movement in the darkness, it switches on automatically and lightens your way for a total of 90 seconds after the last movement has been registered. Then it turns off again, making it possible to reduce unnecessary power consumption when you do not need them. According to our calculation, using this motion sensor light indoors can save up to 84% energy compared to those without motion sensors.

Photo Credit: Kelly Clair

Cost: $14.99

Light Up Your Night. You may feel relaxed and comfortable when you see its soft warm lighting in the darkness. With the dimmable design, you can adjust nite light to your desired brightness simply by long-pressing or tapping on the top button for a wide range of lumens choice from 1lm to 120lm.

Safe for Indoor Use. The night lights plug into the wall are with superior V-0 fire-resistant casing and over-current protection design to guarantee your safety. 

Official Website: AUVON https://www.iauvon.com/

Photo Credit: Kelly Clair

An international brand owner serving a wide customer base in health & personal care, home improvement, outdoor health, and consumer electronics.

Served around 1,000,000 families in the United States.

One of the TOP Sellers in the Health Category on Amazon, have many best selling products.

Great product!!

Eczema Honey

Photo Credit: Kelly Clair

I am extremely excited to announce that Eczema Honey is now available at Target.com and in stores nationwide! Utilizing clean, safe, and gentle ingredients, Eczema Honey has been recognized as the best line of skincare for those with skin sensitivities as well as those just looking for calming, soothing products for themselves and their families.

They put emphasis on high-quality and food-grade ingredients known for their revitalizing and skin-loving properties. Every ingredient in their products has been selected because of the high quality and serves a specific therapeutic purpose. They do not use fillers of any kind. They only use the finest, whole, and cosmetic-grade ingredients that they have developed for themselves and their children.

While shopping at Target stores or online, you can find some of Eczema Honey’s best products. From skin soothing cream to nourishing lip balm, from brown sugar face scrub, to their famous Oatmeal Hand Cream that nabbed an Allure “Best of Beauty” award, shoppers can feel good knowing that they are covered from head to toe.

Photo Credit: Kelly Clair

I received their Well-Being Kit. This includes a washable and reusable face covering, washable cotton gloves, and a 2 oz. bottle of hand sanitizer. The gloves protect your hands from harsh chemicals or chores around the house. The hand sanitizer is fragrance-free and can be used at home, at work, etc.

Cost: $16.99

About: Eczema Honey brings you products that are safe, non-toxic, and highly soothing. They believe in the power of nature to bring clean and gentle cosmetic products. Visit EczemaHoneyCo.com for more information.

Thank you to Eczema Honey for this awesome little kit!

Product Photos by Kelly Clair. Exclusively for Michigan Mama News


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