Glass Jar Ghost Craft

Glass Jar Ghost Craft

Recycled glass jars are like wonderful blank canvases. They’re perfect to transform and fit into any decor. Today, I’m showing you how to make ghosts out of a glass jar just in time for Halloween.

Photo Credit: Jenny Clark

Supply List

  • Clean glass jar and lid-The lid isn’t necessary, but I think it finishes the look of the ghost better with a lid to match.
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Cotton ball
  • Acrylic craft paint in white, pink, and black. You can substitute a black Sharpie marker for the black paint.
  • Inexpensive craft brushes. One 1/2″ flat and small round about a size 4.
  • Cotton swab
  • Permanent protective finish. I like the Krylon Matte finish spray shown in the picture.
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Fall/Halloween faux floral sprigs. I found mine at Dollar Tree.

Wash and Dry the Glass Jar

Start off with a clean, dry glass jar free from the label and any glue from the label.

Wipe Clean Jar and Lid with Isopropyl Alcohol

Photo Credit: Jenny Clark

Use a little isopropyl alcohol on your cotton ball to wipe down the outside surface of your jar and lid. This removes any remaining oil from your hands and glue from the glass. Your paint will adhere to the surface better after wiping the jar with alcohol.

Paint the Jar and Lid

Photo Credit: Jenny Clark

Use the 1/2 inch flat brush to paint the jar. Be sure to let the paint cure for several hours between coats. It’s good to wait overnight after the first coat. If you don’t, you will wind up rubbing off that first coat when you go to apply the second. That is a headache you don’t need. Expect to need at least two coats.

What is the Best Brand of Paint?

I prefer the Americana brand by DecoArt, but you can use any craft acrylic paint or chalk paint you would like.

Apply a Permanent Protective Finish

Photo Credit: Jenny Clark

The protective finish will keep your paint from chipping off the glass. Without this step it will be pretty easy to nick up your paint. There are several products you can use on the market, but I like to use the Krylon Matte Finish spray.

Paint or Draw the Face

Photo Credit: Jenny Clark

You can either use your black paint to paint on the eyes and mouth or you can use a black Sharpie to draw them on. I like the paint better because I like the matte finish. I used a #4 round inexpensive brush. The Sharpie works well too, however, and might give you more control.

Give your little ghostie some cute pink cheeks by applying the pink paint with a cotton swab.

Photo Credit: Jenny Clark

Everything with eyes needs a little white highlight in them… even a ghost. Take the non-brush end of one of your brushes and dip into the white paint then dab the paint onto the same place in each eye.

Photo Credit: Jenny Clark

Embellish with Faux Floral Pieces

Use your hot glue gun to attach your favorite embellishments around the top of your ghost. I picked a spooky theme with purple flowers, black leaves, plastic black twigs and plastic spiders.

Photo Credit: Jenny Clark

Be sure to hide clumps of hot glue with extra petals or leaves.

Your finished glass jar ghost will be ready to set up in your house or give as a gift.

Photo Credit: Jenny Clark

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