Old Frame Gets a Holiday Makeover

Old Frame Gets a Holiday Makeover

Give an old frame new life with this holiday makeover. A little paint, holiday trim, and handmade pipe cleaner snowflakes are all you need to make this unique holiday decoration.


upcycled frame supplies

  • An old frame of your choice (already painted in the picture above). Preferably one with a sawtooth or wire hanger on the back.
  • Can of spray paint in the color and texture you desire
  • Faux evergreen garland
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Ribbon or pre-made bow of your choice
  • Variety of holiday decorations. I suggest sprigs of faux berries, pine cones and painted leaves just to name a few.
  • Heavy-duty scissors and/or wire cutters
  • Masking tape

Step 1 – Prep and Paint the Frame

I actually painted this frame years ago for another project. It is an 11×16 inch frame that I found at a yard sale, but you can find them at thrift stores just as well. Discard the artwork, backing, and glass. Remove all of the staples in the frame, but keep the hanger because you will use this.

upcycled frame paint

Pictured above is the paint I used for this frame. I really like the texture of the stone finish. There is such a variety of textures and colors for spray paint. Pick the one that you like and will fit with the color scheme in your home.

Spray the front of your frame in a well-ventilated area and follow all directions on the can. Expect to apply at least two coats, but one can of paint should be enough for one 11×16 inch frame.

Step 2 – Attach the Holiday Decorations

I started with the garland as the base and glued it with hot glue all around the inside edge of the frame.

The frame I used happened to have a little bit of depth to it allowing room for the garland to sit inside the front edge. I purchased the garland from Dollar Tree and it was a little thin so I double up the lengths for each side and twisted them for a more full appearance. Wire cutters come in handy for cutting the garland and the rest of the decorations.

upcycled frame hot glue

Don’t be afraid to use as much hot glue as necessary. It will take a lot to secure this garland to the frame.

mmn upcycled frame back with two sides garland

Above is a picture of just two of the sides completed. How many sides you attach to the garland is completely up to you. I toyed with the idea of just putting on the bottom but ultimately opted for all the way around.

upcylced frame berry sprigs

Keep that hot glue gun plugged in because you’re not done with it. Cut off only the parts of the decorations that you want to use. Use enough glue to secure them.

glueing pinecones

Most of what I attached was glued on to the garland like layering. I wanted the bow I made out of the ribbon to sit directly on the frame.

upcycled frame with bow

The bow I made out of ribbon was attached to the outside of the frame itself for a little depth.

Step 3 – Add the Snowflakes

This is the perfect way to display those handmade snowflakes. Learn how to make them here.

I like to just eyeball the placements of the snowflakes so the next picture is just me testing out where I want them to be.

snowflake placment

With a good idea of where I wanted them placed, I simply used masking tape to attach them to the back of the frame on top.

attaching snowflakes

Turn it back over and you are now ready to hang this wintery scene.



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