Our Homeschool Fall Leaves Project Using Beeswax

Our Homeschool Fall Leaves Project Using Beeswax

Fall is my ultimate favorite season. Everything from the fall smells (pumpkin spice and cinnamon!),  to cider mills, wearing cozy sweaters, and of course the beautiful leaves! My kids and I love to go for walks this time of the year and enjoy nature. One of our favorite things to do is to go on a leaf hunt. I give each kid a bag and they collect as many leaves as they want. They all had different ideas of what made a leaf beautiful and unique. My daughter loved all the tiny red leaves, my 8 year old loved all the huge leaves, and my oldest loved all the yellow leaves and any that had unique markings on them. When we were done collecting them, we headed home to preserve all our leaves in beeswax so that we could use them as decorations for the fall season. It may sound complicated, but I promise, it’s not! It’s the perfect fall project!

All You Need Is:

  • An old metal can (an old coffee container works great!)
  • Beeswax (I ordered mine on amazon, but I am sure most craft stores have it as well – get the white so it doesn’t color the leaves)
  • A pot with a couple inches of water in it
  • Some tongs (that you don’t mind beeswax getting on them)
  • A cup or bowl of cold water (I suggest using a throw away cup or bowl because beeswax is very hard to get off once it dries)
  • Wax paper

First, you want to fill your pot with about 2 inches of water and turn that on high heat until it starts to boil – then turn it down to medium high. Once the water is simmering, put your metal can in the pot (it will sort of float on top of the water).  Add the beeswax to the metal pot, (we used about a cup or so and were able to preserve 40 leaves with leftover wax).

It will take some time for the wax to completely melt. You will want to wait for it to get hot before you try dipping leaves in it, otherwise, it will build up too thick on them and you will end up with white coated leaves. Once it is completely melted, you can start dipping your leaves. I try to grab them by the stem and dip them in one at a time. After you fully dip the leaf, pull it out and lightly shake it to get the excess wax off. My 8 and 9 year old liked to help during this part, while my 5 year old played with the leaves that were waiting to be dipped. Then dip it in the cold water and then you can use your hand to flatten the leaf, as they tend to curl up on the edges.

After you flatten it some, put it on the wax paper to dry for about 10 minutes. Keep going until you dip all your leaves.

When your all done, you can use them around the house to decorate. We like to put them on our tables to admire and look at all season long. They also make great sun catchers and you can string them up along a window for a beautiful fall decoration that you can use year after year! I hope you will enjoy this project as much as we did!


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