GOPALS…For Kids on the Move!

GOPALS…For Kids on the Move!

I received a sample of GoPals ($14.95 Value) in exchange for this review. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Have you heard of GOPALS? They are stuffed animal plush and they attach to your child’s backpack, seat belt, and more! Great for kids on the move! I am excited to review Mia the Rabbit with my 10-year-old. Mia is a Rabbit friend who jumps in any weather! Because my youngest Bethany loves stuffed animals, I knew she would be a fan of this fun traveling companion. She LOVES it! “In the sun and rain, they are always together”. ~GoPals ๐Ÿ˜‰ I really appreciate the products and their mission as a portion of the proceeds benefits Children’s Charities. More details below!


  • Made with top quality materials for softness and durability
  • GoPals stuffed animals are designed to be mobile, attaching to your child’s backpack, seat belts, bikes/scooters, and more
  • Stackable so you can attach more GoPals stuffed animal friends
  • With every GoPals stuffed animal purchase, Seedtank will give a portion of the proceeds to Children’s Charities like Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation
  • Secret message from your GoPals friend woven on each toy
  • 8 characters in the “Originals” Collection
  • 7″ tall
  • Recommended for children age 3 years and older
  • Designed in Oregon, USA

Each GoPal easily attaches with soft elastic closure!

As you can see above, GOPALS (Mia the Rabbit) is a hit in our car!

Who made GOPALS happen?

Lorrie-Former VP of Material Science and Innovation at NIKE, Piper-Director of Do Good (She’s a junior in high school), Cole, Director of Make it Cool (He’s a 7th grader in Middle School), and Riley, Director of Work-Life and Balance (The family dog). Love it!!


“Every parent knows the fear and panic that accompanies a child’s loss of a beloved stuffed animal. Somewhere while traveling between Seattle and Portland-we never figured out where-my daughter Piper’s favorite plush toy, Midnight, just disappeared. The loss was devastating to my six-year-old, who never went to bed without her favorite cat. Right then and there it occured to me: our phones are mobile, computers are mobile, and why can’t plush toys be mobile too? Fast forward 11 years. My six-year-old daughter was now 17, she had a 12-year-old brother, and their mom had spent more than 20 years as a top footwear and apparel designer for Nike. And so one night-after my kids and I watched a few too many episodes of Shark Tank-we decided it was time to make my idea a reality. Together, we worked to design a plush toy that travels everywhere a child does, a stuffed animal that fastens to any backpack, seat belt, bike/scooter, and more. GOPALS happily tag along on every trip-to school, sleepovers, vacations, and their favorite pal will never leave their side. GOPALS was introduced in June 2019 on Amazon and” ~Lorrie

GOPALS Mission

The Mission of GOPALS is to spread joy by doing good-the first by creating a small stuffed friend that never leaves a child side, the second by donating to Children Charities. 10% of all of their sales on “Piper the Cat” will go towards Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Every day, 700 children worldwide are diagnosed with childhood cancer. ALSF and its supporters are propelling the world towards a future without childhood cancer. This work is personal to their family. Several years ago, Lorrie lost her husband-and her daughter Piper’s father-to cancer. They know how hard he fought, and they want to continue his fight by supporting the cure for childhood cancer. Please join the effort to rid the world of childhood cancers and save other families from the devastating loss of a loved one.

The whole concept and idea is so beautiful. I am blessed to have reviewed one of their products. Please consider checking out GOPALS for your child today. My heart is so full as I type this. May God bless this family for all they do!

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