Tasty Taco Night with Epicure’s Taco Seasoning-Review

Tasty Taco Night with Epicure’s Taco Seasoning-Review

I received samples of Epicure seasonings in exchange for this review. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

I was recently introduced to Epicure. Have you heard of them? I have definitely heard of them, but have not received the chance to try out their products until our “Tasty Taco” night.

Here is a brief summary of Epicure. They are considered to be wholesome, convenient, and delicious! “At Epicure, cooking good food is simple.” Do you struggle with allergies? Do you just want to eat a plant-based diet? Epicure is for you! They offer premium herb and spice blends, timesaving cookware, and easy recipes. Perfect for creating healthy meals for your entire family in just 20 minutes! Sounds amazing, right?

To learn more about their mission and products, click here.

Taco Seasoning Product Review

My friend Tracey sent me some spices to try and my ultimate favorite is Epicure’s taco seasoning.

The seasoning contains authentic Mexican flavor with mild heat. They say that it’s healthy, easy, and delicious for taco night at home. The verdict? They are absolutely right. Loved it! Tasted so much better than traditional seasonings and I did feel better for it, especially since we use organic homegrown beef (low in fat), and contains no hormones. Perfect combination! I was sad when my tacos were gone, HA! So good! Here are the ingredients in Epicure’s taco seasoning:

Other fun healthy seasonings my friend sent me were Asian Stir-Fry, Guacamole, and Poco Picante. Can’t wait to try those too! We will be planning another taco night very soon. Don’t these just look delicious?

Another great thing I noticed about Epicure is they offer “perfectly portioned desserts.” Yes, please!! You can choose from chocolate pudding, chocolate velvet cheesecake, gluten-free chocolate fudge sauce, and even gluten-free triple brownie chocolate cake! My mouth is watering right now thinking about it. The fact they are portioned out properly is a huge plus. I will have to try this next, haha!

If you would be interested in trying out the products, visit Epicure now.

I would like to thank Tracey of Epicure for giving me the opportunity to try the seasonings. I love it and can’t wait to try the others. Serious guacamole fan right here…


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