Hello World! Board Book Series is Back with Arctic Animals and Pets – Book Showcase

Hello World! Board Book Series is Back with Arctic Animals and Pets – Book Showcase

I received a copy of Arctic Animals and Pets” ($7.99 value/each) in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.



“Babies and toddlers can discover the world around them with Hello, World! designed to share simple concepts about science, nature, and culture.”

Check out Jill McDonald’s new Arctic Animals and Pets board books.  She once again brings back wonderful illustrations for little ones to enjoy and the easy terms of learning of each book.

Arctic Animals explores polar bears, narwhals, Arctic hairs, squirrels (just to name a few) Arctic animals in their habitat and many more.  For each animal, there is an interesting and quick fact that is shared for those little sponges to remember.

Pets explores horses, rabbits, cats, frogs, dogs and so much more also along with a quick interesting fact also about all the animals.

I’ve reviewed SEVERAL of Hello World! board books and have loved them all from the ease of reading to the colorful illustrations and also to the content of being just right for early learners.  Any of the Hello World! books in the series would make a great read.

These books may be perfect Christmas gifts for little ones you may know.  Arctic Animals and Pets can be purchased at Amazon or anywhere children’s books are sold.


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JILL McDonald is a Missouri-based illustrator and designer whose cheery and colorful art can be found on clothing, fabric, bedding, stationery, puzzles, and games, and in a variety of books for babies and toddlers. See more of her work at jillmcdonalddesign.com, and follow her on Instagram at @missjillmcdonald.


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