It Takes a Second for Things To Go Wrong, and Streaming Media is NO Different

It Takes a Second for Things To Go Wrong, and Streaming Media is NO Different

 By Brenda Bisner, SVP of Content and Business Development at Kidoodle.TV

There is a growing concern among parents and educators surrounding what kids have access to on streaming media. And with good reason, giants like YouTube are facing class-action lawsuits and FTC fines for not properly protecting kids. The Terms & Conditions on YouTube states that it is not for children under 13 and yet we still are letting our children go on YouTube when we know a plethora of inappropriate things can come up.


As a parent, I urge a simple bit of research to understand where your kids are Streaming. It takes a second for something to go wrong and streaming is no different.

No matter how old your child is, starting and continuing a healthy dialogue will always help and create space for understanding.

  1. Communication. It can start with a baby, and it should. A child now has more than likely been exposed to a Mobile phone their entire life. And they’re watching you. Taking time daily to ask, what did you see online today, along with “what happened at school today,” are important and often critical questions to ask. At school, kids are sharing things they saw and did with their friends and often that is something online.
  2. Technology, understand what your kids are on and identify if it is safe for them. YouTube is an Open Platform which means anyone can upload a video of whatever they want. Which is why we will see things as scary as Momo or Slenderman. If you have a child under 13 it is important that you are aware of the technology behind your kid’s Streaming or Video Game Playing. Things like Fortnight allow for chats to strangers who are also playing. Seek out the privacy options and watch or play it yourself.
  3. Why. The #1 question for anything should always be “why.” Why is this something that interests you? Why do we need this in our home and in our life? Why should this be allowed? Why are you as a parent allowing for your child to do certain things? Why does your child think this is something so important?


The older they get the bigger the “WHY” becomes.

Quick Solutions for Today:

  1. Start the “communication” and “why” conversation. It is never too late to grow this into your daily routine and discussions.
  2. Check privacy settings and consider time limit limits for Streaming, for the whole family.
  3. Install TV on your TV. It’s free and it’s a SafeStreaming™ channel for kids under 12 in over 140 countries with over 15,000 episodes of HAND picked and HUMAN watched content. It is also a “closed platform.” Everything on this channel is safe. Bonus, there is a companion app for iOS and Android. You just won the day with this safe alternative!


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