5 Reasons to Love PATCH Bamboo Bandages-Review

5 Reasons to Love PATCH Bamboo Bandages-Review

I received samples of Patch Bamboo Bandage strips ($8.99 each value) in exchange for this review. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Did you know that many parents are ditching traditional plastics for PATCH bamboo bandages?  I didn’t know this so naturally, it sparked my curiosity.

PATCH bamboo strips are a 100% compostable and hypoallergenic solution to wound care adhesives. Highly rated on Amazon, PATCH is gaining traction with folks swapping out the old standby for the new generation of eco-friendly wound care. These are amazing for on the go and kids love the adorable Aussie panda prints!

They make a wonderful stocking stuffer, too! 🙂

5 Reasons Parents Choose PATCH Bamboo Bandages: 

  1. Made from 100% organic bamboo fiber

  2. Free of plastics, latex, silicone, and harmful toxins

  3. Easy removal – we are talking pain-free for sensitive skin and aged skin

  4. 100% compostable – bandages and all packaging breaks down into the soil in just a matter of weeks

5. Available in four lines, each imbued with naturally healing ingredients:

  • PATCH Natural — For use on cuts and scratches

  • PATCH Coconut Oil Kids — For use on abrasions and grazes

  • PATCH Aloe Vera — For use on burns and blisters

  • PATCH Activated Charcoal — For use on bites and splinters

Making the switch is easy! PATCH can now be found on Amazon, Grove Collaborative, in Anthropologie locations and CVS locations nationwide as well as fine US grocery and natural living retailers and at patchstrips.com,

My family loves these bamboo bandages! They are so easy to apply on and are not unbearable when taking off. One of my daughters couldn’t wait to “get hurt” so-to-speak so she could try out the bandages. Well, not all out hurt but maybe a little hangnail or scrape. LOL! Either way, these products are a nicer, natural alternative to traditional bandages.

About PATCH:

PATCH is the first product to be released from Nutricare, an A environmentally conscious and solutions-focused brand from Australia. Their dedication to creating natural solutions to common health care items is empowering consumers to make healthier choices for their families and the world.

Images courtesy of PATCH.


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