How to Stay Healthy & Productive Over the Holidays – Interview

How to Stay Healthy & Productive Over the Holidays – Interview

We’ve all been there during the holiday season…. experiencing jet lag and car sickness from holiday travel, coping with stress from a full house, or overindulging on holiday treats. When you are dealing with these issues where do you turn for your wellness solutions and with so much to consider, where do we start?

There are a couple of simple strategies that you and your family can use to combat some of these holiday stressors.

iHerb understands the challenges that come with navigating the winding road of wellness. That’s why they provide wellness solutions for all the key aspects of your life, including supplements and vitamins, herbs and homeopathy, and sports nutrition. They have also partnered with Editor-in-Chief of, Terra Wellington, to provide you with answers.

Join me in a recent interview with Terra Wellington, Editor-in-Chief of as she provides her holiday health guide and resources for how you can live your natural wellness lifestyle including:

*Tips for cold and flu season

*How to keep up our energy during this busy time

*How to not overindulge on holiday goodies

*Maintaining our sleep health

See the entire interview here:

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More About iHerb

Based in the USA, iHerb is committed to supporting you in your wellness lifestyle by offering the best overall value and delivering high quality.  They offer the freshest products available, always noting expiration or best-by dates on products. Unlike other retailers, iHerb ensures the best quality control, with climate-controlled warehouses and distribution centers.

For an even more rigorous level of quality control, iHerb offers iTested, which indicates products tested by a third-party lab for ingredients, purity, and labeling. iTested guarantees unparalleled quality and easy product comparison.

More About Terra Wellington

Actress and TV personality Terra Wellington regularly appears on morning TV and radio programs across the nation to talk about healthy living and environmental issues. She is the editor-in-chief at, a lifestyle site for busy moms that gives inspiration and how-tos for food and everyday healthy living. She is also the author of The Mom’s Guide to Growing Your Family Green: Saving the Earth Begins at Home.

Interview by iHerb

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