Raising a Child with DYSLEXIA: What Every Parent Needs to Know – Book Review

Raising a Child with DYSLEXIA: What Every Parent Needs to Know – Book Review

I received a copy of Raising a Child with DYSLEXIA” ($19.95 value/each) in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Dyslexia and ADHD challenges can make children feel inadequate, misunderstood, and frustrated both in and out of the classroom. However, teaching children to cope effectively with these challenges will create inner strength and benefits that will empower dyslexic children for their entire lives.

In the new book, Raising a Child with Dyslexia: What Every Parent Needs to Know, award-winning children’s author Don Winn explores how learning difficulties affect kids in a number of ways and illustrates how those who care for them can better understand their challenges and cultivate learning and emotional growth. Winn writes from his personal experience as a lifelong dyslexic reader and writer.

Raising a Child with Dyslexia is a user-friendly guide which provides detailed assistance to parents and educators who want to help children with dyslexia achieve their best life. This compassionate and helpful handbook will help parents watch for signs of dyslexia in their growing child at every age. More than that, Winn provides advice about when to go to a professional, how the testing process works, and how to support your child both at home and in the classroom.

Raising a Child with Dyslexia explores:

  • How parents can help their child at home
  • How grandparents can take part in helping their grandchildren at home
  • Tips on working with your child’s school to create an optimal learning environment
  • Symptoms that warrant the diagnosis of a professional
  • How to offer a safe space for children with dyslexia to learn and grow
  • Specific techniques in helping a child deal with the difficult emotional fallout of dyslexia, and much more!


Very insightful read!  I have not raised a dyslexic child, nor knew much about dyslexia, but this book was VERY informative to help me understand the difficulties many children have.  The book quotes “one in five children in the United States has a learning difficulty such as dyslexia or ADHD,” which seems HUGE!  It is also estimated that one in ten adults are undiagnosed with dyslexia.  “Frequently, an undiagnosed parent will only begin to decipher his or her own struggles with literacy after a child begins to manifest unexpected difficulties in reading, writing or math.” I think this quote speaks volumes for those with struggling children as they can relate to their very own struggles.  That in itself promotes this book to be a necessity for families striving to get their dyslexic children moving in the right direction whether it’s socially, emotionally or in regards to working with their individual school, and or teachers. And the one thing I really took away from this book is it is never too late to intervene and be an advocate for your child or grandchild.  Parents are children’s first teachers and their consistency will in hopes pave the way for their children and for others who are struggling too.

Raising a Child with Dyslexia: What Every Parent Needs to Know can be purchased at Amazon as well as other booksellers.

About the Author 

Don M. Winn is a multiple award-winning children’s author of thirteen picture books and Sir Kaye the Boy Knight series of novels for independent readers.  As a dyslexia advocate and a dyslexic, himself, he frequently addresses parents and educators on how to maximize the value of shared reading time and how to help dyslexia and other struggling readers to learn to love reading.  Winn lives and writes in Round Rock, Texas.

Find out more at www.donwinn.com.


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