Colton’s Time Machine Book 3: Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin – Book Showcase

Colton’s Time Machine Book 3: Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin – Book Showcase

I received a copy of Colton’s Time Machine Book 3:  Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin” ($20.99 value/Amazon) in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Colton’s Time Machine is a brand-new series, Book 1 is Columbus, Independence and Washington, Book 2: Lincoln, The Wright Brothers and Edison and now the newest…Book 3:  Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin. 

With hopping into the middle of this series, I had to wrap my mind around the characters…many dragons, a badger, a little boy named Colton any many more to mention.

In this book (#3 in this Series), Colton travels back in time by typing into his handheld typewriter while in his treehouse (with all his dragon friends) to meet Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin without his curious neighbor, Zinnia finding out what he’s up to.

This book is fictional, but it also throws in a lot of biography of each President and mentions of the Declaration of Independence, the introduction of Jefferson, and the pasta machine that popularized mac and cheese, Adams’ green thumb, and Franklin’s trust fund to name a few.  It also gives quick rundowns of the Presidents and their history of inventions or historical events they helped with including the Louisiana Purchase, the Freedom Trail, and the creation of the Union Fire Company.

I’m thinking this book is geared for elementary students as it has a playful background with the dragons and the time-traveling, etc.  As previously mentioned, with its several characters and hopping around of events, it’s a lot to keep track of and digest, but I think students will take away knowledge of these Presidents and some historical mentions of them also.  For those students who are history buffs…this fits the bill.

Colton’s Time Machine Book 3:  Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin can be purchased at Amazon and anywhere children’s books are soldCheck out the entire series also! 


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Rebecca Massey is a longtime Arizona resident and the author of the popular Colton’s Pocket Dragon Series.  She hopes to instill the excitement of imagination in young readers as well as the adults sharing in these fun-filled, adventurous stories.  She has many writing projects currently in the works, including new adventures for Colton and his friends.


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