Organic Slammers: Pureed Superfood Snack by Slammer Snacks!-Review

Organic Slammers: Pureed Superfood Snack by Slammer Snacks!-Review

I received samples of Organic Slammers ($13.00 per 4-count box value) in exchange for this review. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Are you looking for healthier snack alternatives for your kiddies? This can be a challenge if your child is in competitive sports and teams. My oldest daughter is currently in competitive dance so healthy snacks on-the-go can be a struggle, especially since she’s a picky eater.

Organic Slammers-The Review!

I was recently introduced to a product by Slammer Snacks called Organic Slammers. They are pureed SuperFood snacks with excellent sources of vitamins in them.Β  Now, my youngest daughter was like “Ewww this is baby food.” LOL! We all know that baby food is just pureed food and easy to swallow and ingest. My middle daughter didn’t particularly enjoy the flavors we received, but my oldest? We hit the jackpot with her. She loves the flavors and how quick, easy, and healthy the snacks are. Great for on-the-go with intense dance schedules.

What flavors did we receive? The first box was filled with bananas, apples, blueberries, strawberries, beets, acai, and amaranth. The other boxes were filled with pomegranate and grape. That one is my favorite. The superfood snacks come in easy BPA free pouches with reusable caps. These are great when chilled.

What’s also great about these snacks is that they contain no refined sugar, no artificial colors or flavors, and are high in antioxidant Vitamin C! 1 pouch contains 60 calories, 14 carbs, 11g sugar, and 1g protein. 90% vitamin C! Gotta love that!

Will I plan on buying these superfoods pouches in the future? Absolutely, especially for my busy and active teen who is, like I said, picky about her foods. πŸ˜‰ Organic Slammers are perfect and a healthy pureed superfood snack! We give them two thumbs up for packing, ingredients, and flavor! Did I love them just as much? Yes! They are fantastic, especially for the busy mom-on-the-go!

Want to try Organic Slammers by Slammer Snacks for yourself or for your family? Visit On the website, there is a store locater where to find these healthy and organic snacks!

I would like to thank the folks over at Slammer Snacks for providing us with samples to try in exchange for this review. We love them!!


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