The Key to Your Child’s Development Is After the Last Bell Rings – Infographic

The Key to Your Child’s Development Is After the Last Bell Rings – Infographic

By Norwood School

Classroom learning is essential, without a doubt — but it’s after-school activities that give your child the greatest opportunity for outstanding academic achievement, strong social skills, and great physical health.

Most parents probably don’t need much convincing on that score. Academically, schools continue to struggle to maintain acceptable standardized test scores and graduation rates. Socially, today’s children are tempted by the isolation of computer games, cell phones, and TV virtually 24/7. Physically, the CDC reports that childhood obesity has more than tripled since the 1970s — no doubt a result of the temptations just mentioned along with a steadily deteriorating, sugar-packed diet.

How can you help your children buck these negative trends?

The infographic below, After-School Activities to Develop and Nurture Your Child, is a highly useful and easy to understand guide to placing your child in the most appropriate after-school activities. With so many options available for academic, social, and physical development, parents have a year-round opportunity to keep their children learning, growing, and blossoming in all directions.

We like this infographic because it presents after-school options for families on just about any budget or in any rural or urban community. For example, while an organized team sport such as hockey involves a fairly hefty investment, volunteering at a local charitable organization requires no expenditure at all and maybe something the whole family can do together. For more ideas, please continue reading below.


Infographic created by Norwood School






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