Work From Home Opportunity with GoHuli…New for 2020!

Work From Home Opportunity with GoHuli…New for 2020!

Getting paid good money for helping nonprofits…..

I have been working for over 2 years thinking of great ways for people to do their normal online shopping, and support their local nonprofits at the same time for free… So after a lot of trial and error, I came up with a solid business model and name for a company.  The name of the company is In short, this is a way for nonprofits to generate twice the donation percentage as Amazon Smile through a desktop App only available through

The regular Walmart App from the App Store or Google Play will need to be deleted in order for the Walmart desktop App to be installed through Also, iPhone users must use the Safari browser for the desktop app to be installed properly.

The average amount of a Walmart shopper is $300 per month on non-grocery items, compared to $116 per month at Amazon. For example, A nonprofit with 500 shoppers can sign up for this free program through, get the desktop App, and generate an average of $18,000 per year. The Amazon Smile program would generate only $3,500.

How could someone make money from home with is a Walmart approved website that gets paid a percentage of most purchases made through the Walmart desktop App installed through  GoHuli is simply giving back to nonprofits when they use the Walmart desktop App to make their online purchases. There is no membership required and no strings attached.

GoHuli promoters are getting paid every time a nonprofit uses this free program.  To apply for a position, go to and select the page titled  “work remote apply here”.

Imagine having a job that you can work remotely, promoting a website that gives millions of nonprofits across America the opportunity to generate potentially a lot of extra donation funds from people simply doing their normal online shopping.

People are shopping over Amazon…

As of 2019, Walmart’s prices are slightly cheaper than Amazon’s and Target’s, after a price check of 50 most popular item finds. Walmart was 1.79 percent cheaper than Amazon on most items overall.

What a lot of us don’t know is that also offers free 2-day shipping on anything over $35, and a lot of same-day pick-up items after purchased online. sales have increased by almost 40% since 2018, and Walmart has given over 7 billion to nonprofits just from 2015 compared to Amazon Smile donating a little over 157 million… The bottom line, Walmart is the clear retail winner for your everyday shopper and nonprofit supporter. Walmart has been gaining a lot of online attention with their lower prices and no fee for 2-day shipping.

People will keep shopping Amazon, and I get that. However, if your a nonprofit organization, making the switch from shopping with the Amazon Smile program to Walmart’s program is a significant increase in yearly donations… The question is, are we OK seeing a Walmart box on our front porch instead of Amazon?

I did my first purchase last week with the desktop App installed through My package came in 2 days just like it said, and I was happy to see the process go smoothly.

What kind of money should a promoter expect?

This is only an example and not typical… If 5000 Walmart shoppers spend the monthly average of $300-$500 per month, the commission would be anywhere from $6000 to $12,000 per month depending on the commission level based upon sales experience.

Just one non-profit like a school or church could produce several hundred customers and quickly add up to thousands.  We will have promotional items as tools to help get nonprofit supports the information they need to sign up and install the desktop App.

Click the link below if you are interested in applying. There are only 20 positions currently available, with more opening up this summer.

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