12 of the Best Activity Books for Kids While Home at Home

12 of the Best Activity Books for Kids While Home at Home

by Schiffer Kids

Kids Can Craft with Everyday Household Items with These Great 5-Step Books!


Plastic: 5-Step Handicrafts for Kids

Teach the importance of recycling by encouraging children to find new uses for items we often see as disposable. Repurpose everyday plastic objects like straws and plates into a delightful craft with your child.

978-0-7643-5870-8 | hardcover | $9.99 | January 2020




Wood: 5-Step Handicrafts for Kids

In just five simple steps, children can make a variety of whimsical objects such as race cars, a rabbit, a puzzle, and a marble run out of wood. Fourteen projects make clever use of commonly available materials and simple tools, turning clothespins, corkboard, and wooden blocks into lasting crafts and toys. Children five years and older will develop fine motor skills, feed their creativity, and be encouraged to find new uses for everyday objects.


Also available in the series:


Cloth: 978-0-7643-5645-2 | hardcover | $9.99 | November 2018   Clay: 978-0-7643-5644-5 | hardcover | $9.99 | November 2018


Combat boredom and improve hand-eye coordination with these new Origanimo Books!

No Scissors or Glue Required!




Cats: Fold and Play

With this beginner introduction to paper folding, create a merry band of black cats, each in a unique pose and ready to pounce on the included paper balls of yarn. Precut and creased kitties are ready to pop out and play in just a few folds!

ISBN: 978-0-7643-5951-4 | softcover | $9.99 | May 2020 (already in stock!)




Insects: Fold and Play

Cleverly hidden in the flowers, these amazing little precut bugs are ready to pop off the page in just a few easy folds!



Need Inspiration for a Budding Artist? Learn How to Draw All Kinds of Fun and Creative Creatures!


Creatures and Characters: Drawing Amazing Monsters, Aliens, and Other Weird Things!

A professional artist and animator show kids how to unleash their imagination on the page. Using pencil or ink, learn how to draw all kinds of strange creatures, from classic monsters to mythical beasts and abominable aliens. With dozens of process drawings as examples, this children’s book illustrator demonstrates creative techniques such as doodles, sketches, and scribbles and shows children not just how to draw, but how to be creative.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-5403-8 | softcover | $12.99 | October 2017




More Creatures and Characters: Drawing Awesomely Wild, Wacky, and Funny Animals

This tutorial goes beyond the basic step-by-step method, showing children not just how to draw, but how to build their creative confidence. Learn how to use a variety of artistic styles to draw all kinds of funny animals, from fuzzy bunnies and bears to fantasy creatures.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-5606-3 | softcover | $12.99 | October 2018




Zendoodle for Children

Two adorable mice take turns drawing the patterns on each other and invite readers to draw along in the book with a fineliner pen. This kind of repeat pattern-painting is called zendoodling and has a relaxing effect. Included are simple Zendoodle tips and 25 animal outlines for children to copy, enlarge, and fill in for hours of fun.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-5413-7 | softcover | $12.99 | October 2017



Interactive Escape Games Are Guaranteed to Keep Them Interested!


Escape Game Adventure: The Mad Hacker

Your mission: locate and destroy the virus and then escape from the scientific compound before the time-travel portal closes forever! Mazes, puzzles, riddles, and word games test problem-solving skills in the race to destroy a virus and escape from the scientific compound.

Perfect for adventurous kids who like a challenge!

978-0-7643-5896-8| softcover | $9.99 | February 2020

Available on NetGalley




Escape Game Adventure: The Last Dragon

Your mission: find and recover the dragon egg from the castle before the spatial-temporal portal closes forever!

978-0-7643-5895-1 | softcover | $9.99 | February 2020

Available on NetGalley



Have a Future Builder on Your Hands? Check Out These Creative, Easy-to-Build Activities!




Super Robot

Build a super robot while encouraging hand-eye coordination and following directions. Color-coded flaps and easy-to-follow directions help kids create their own super robot by using the punch-out pages provided and a detailed diagram. They will learn to follow step-by-step instructions, pay attention to small details, and develop visual-spatial skills while practicing their counting and colors as well.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-5830-2 | softcover | $12.99 | October 2019





Follow step-by-step instructions to create more than 20 elegant structures using 95 precut cardboard cards, to develop dexterity, reasoning abilities, and spatial-visualization skills in young builders, architects, and artists.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-5827-2 | hardcover | $24.99 | October 2019















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