I Wonder…

I Wonder…

Poem by Teri Rae Socia © – 2020

I wonder when this pandemic ends…

Will we still complain about traffic jams?

Will we gripe over the cost of gas?

Will we rant when we stand in long lines?

Will we still make excuses to see dear loved ones?

Will we postpone that get together with friends?

Will we take for granted a hug?

Will we neglect to say hello to our neighbors?

Will we forget to care for our earth that was recently our only means of recreation?

Will we spite our children’s teachers or will we begin to offer them more praise for the numerous jobs they do?

Will we complain about having class or be happy that such a place exists?

Will we appreciate our healthcare workers more?

Will we thank an officer for keeping us safe?

Will we put our phones down and pick our heads up?

Will we thank our government for trying their best even if it’s not just right? 

Will we start to shop more locally to support our local economy and will we give online orders a little break? 

Will we not complain about our fast food order, rather be glad we got the chance to place an order?

Will we skimp out on the server’s tip or wish you could hug them because you finally get a break from cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Will we enjoy celebrations instead of begrudgingly attending?

Will we greet our cashier and show gratitude, instead of finishing that obnoxious phone call? 

Will we make excuses to attend church or to volunteer?

Will we rejoice for our service workers who keep our water clean, bring us mail, collect our garbage, and maintain our lush lawns?

Will we be grateful for heat and cool air, electricity and running water or will we go back to complaining about the bill?

Will we be thankful for our jobs instead of losing them? 

Will we manage our money better knowing how fast it can all be lost? 

Will we help those less fortunate than us after experiencing unemployment for the first time in our lives?

Will we be less judgemental when we see a homeless person and realize that very well could have been you or I?

Will we be excited to see our children play sports, the band, clubs or will we complain about the time it consumes and the cost to play? 

Will we complain that the venue was too crowded, drinks took too long, or will we just be glad we could watch our favorite sports team play? 

Will we still give a firm handshake or will we adapt to a new normal custom?

Will we make time for each other? 

Will we make date night happen and truly enjoy each other’s company? 

Will we live a life with no regrets?

Will we complain again that we have no free time?

Will we say goodbye as if it’s our last time seeing someone?

Will we thank God for this time that we had to spend together?

I wonder…

Teri Rae Socia © – 2020 


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