Free Virtual Support Group for Moms

Free Virtual Support Group for Moms

Free online resources/virtual group meetings during COVID-19 because moms are some of the unsung heroes of the quarantine…

There is a group called MOPS International (weird name, great cause), a global NGO headquartered in Denver that resources and advocates for moms around the world.

MOPS influences 1 million moms annually through 5000 groups that meet all over the world, but recently these in-person meetings have halted, due to COVID-19, however, leadership at MOPS believes community doesn’t stop just because of social distancing.

Joining us is MOPS founder Mandy Arioto.



Mandy, in your literature, you state that moms are some of the unique heroes that are helping families and communities whether these unprecedented times. Tell us about that.


From setting up free lunch pick-ups for kids in their neighborhood who are hungry to writing encouraging messages in side-walk chalk, or organizing porch drop-offs of food for elderly neighbors, hero moms all over are ‘mothering the world’ like never before.


Are most moms stay-at-home moms in your organization?


Some yes, and others have jobs in an office, yet with the COVID-19 pandemic, a large number of moms are working from home, often simultaneously homeschooling their kids.


Do you also talk about moms as nurses, so to speak?


Yes, in addition to cooking, moms are now disinfecting every surface, maintaining the mental health of everyone in their home, and also dreaming up new ideas for keeping kids entertained. It’s A LOT.


Tell us more about your MOPS group. Where may we get more information about MOPS and your FREE virtual mom meet-ups on your Facebook page?

Answer: every Tuesday in April at 12pm ET, 11am CT, 10 am MST, 9 am PT because moms need support and encouragement more than ever.  Virtual meetings will include celebrity speakers, practical tips from experts, encouragement, and up-to-date info on best practices related to ‘quarantining well’ because moms are on the front lines of making decisions for their families and better moms, make a better world.

For more info about MOPS, go to or Facebook or  Instagram

Mandy Arioto is the founder of MOPS and has appeared on, Fox News, and other popular outlets and is a public speaker worldwide.





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