SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live Launches Special Series “Tunetopia” During Free Streaming Period

SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live Launches Special Series “Tunetopia” During Free Streaming Period

Features music performances and education that engage and entertain kids at home, available as audio and video on SiriusXM app.


SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live announced the launch of “Tunetopia”,

a daily series of exclusive performances featuring kids’ musicians, award-winning artists from Kids Place Live, and music educators from around the country. The special programming, in video and audio form, is available exclusively on the SiriusXM app today.

“Tunetopia” on Kids Place Live will provide an assortment of fun and educational content for children ages 10 and under, including interviews, games, and in-studio performances from the best in family-friendly music, including those from Laurie Berkner, Jack Forman, Lucy Kalantari, Lisa Loeb, Brady Rymer, Danny Weinkauf of They Might Be Giants and more. 

In addition, “Tunetopia” will incorporate a special learning segment

with music educators, including Matt Marshak (“Matt The Music Man”) and Darlene Graham of “Rockin Tots.”

The teaching features include introducing kids to new instruments, and instruction on how to make drum beats, how to beatbox, and how to keep rhythm, which helps children explore how sounds are made, and shows them how to make music at home using a variety of household objects. 

Kids Place Live is the ultimate entertainment platform for children and an oasis that families come to for fun, learning, and laughs.

With school closures and increased quality time on the rise, Kids Place Live (ch. 78) is here 24/7 to turn the time at home into a family-friendly staycation. With a “we are in this together” approach, SiriusXM will provide a tool for families to navigate this challenging time.

The “Tunetopia” collection of video and audio can be found within the SiriusXM app on Kids Place Live (ch. 78) and is available to subscribers nationwide and to everyone – including anyone who is not already a SiriusXM subscriber – as part of SiriusXM’s recently announced free streaming access period through May 15. For more information and to start listening, visit:


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