Fun Activities to do at Home with Your Family

Fun Activities to do at Home with Your Family

During quarantine, my family has enjoyed a variety of fun and even educational activities that you can do right from home. Check them out:

Bird watching

Hang a bird feeder in your window to watch the birds. You can even make your own. Spend some time observing the birds. What color is the bird? What type of bird do you see? How many birds do you see? Do you see any animals besides birds?


Family Workout

Let’s get moving together! You can find some great videos to follow on YouTube! Some of our favorites are Cosmic Kids Yoga, Kids Workouts with Moe Jones, and Debbie Do!

Backyard Picnic 

Enjoy the fresh air & sunlight while you have a backyard picnic. Have the kids help make sandwiches, gather snacks, drinks, blankets, etc. You can add to the fun and play ‘I spy’ while you sit together!

Family Walk/Bike Ride

Can’t beat enjoying the sun while getting some exercise. Explore your neighborhood, park pathways, or trails while practicing social distancing from others.

Enjoy dirt biking? The dirt bike 250 is a family favorite, especially when exploring those dirt bike trails.

family walk

Obstacle Course

This can be done both indoors and outdoors. Be resourceful with things around the house like tunnels, stepping stones, cardboard boxes, tables, and chairs to create a fun obstacle course.

Arts & Crafts

Get creative decorating windows and doors, make birthday cards for friends & family, or have a family coloring competition!


Video Chat with friends & family

You can use several different apps like FaceTime, Zoom, and Facebook messenger to catch up with family and have virtual play dates with your friends. It’s so refreshing to see the faces of family & friends. We all can appreciate some socialization.

Garden Prep

There is so much to learn when it comes to gardening. Letting your kids help can be beneficial for everyone! Spend time talking about what you might plant, how to care for your garden, let them dig in the dirt, or go on a bug hunt!

Bake Together 

Yes, it may get a bit messy but the experience of baking together as a family is worth it. Have your kids help gather cookware & ingredients, measure, & mix. It will make your special treat that much sweeter!bake

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”


Hope you enjoy these activities as much as we have over the last few weeks. Follow our journey over on Instagram: Kristie Parks



Fun Activities to do at Home with Your Family






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