Keeping Up with Your Beauty Routine at Home

Keeping Up with Your Beauty Routine at Home

Many of us are finding ways to adapt to a new, mainly-at-home routine these days.

Finding ways to work from home, to do home/online schooling, to do all of our shopping from home, and socializing mainly via Zoom; all of these present their own unique challenges, and for the most part, we’re muddling through.

For many of us,

putting certain things off indefinitely, such as getting a haircut or a massage, just seemed like the best, most logical idea. But as time goes on, we’re all starting to miss our routines, the things we do to pamper ourselves and feel our best, both inside and out.

While you can’t get a haircut at home

(unless you plan to do it yourself, which, let’s face it – drop those scissors and step away from the mirror LOL just kidding ), there are several other health and beauty routines that you can do for yourself at home! Finding little ways to pamper yourself in times of stress is so important.

For instance: you can do a reasonable facsimile of a really good facial for yourself,

right from the comfort of your own bathroom. Your favorite scented products and accessories can be ordered online, and with a quick tutorial or guide, you can learn how to give yourself a relaxing, calming, and beneficial cleanse that will have you feeling fresh-faced and blissful.

While you probably shouldn’t cut your hair on your own

(again: don’t do it HA!), why not give yourself a new color? Yes, we all prefer the salon over boxed dye, but desperate times, measures, etc. Box-dye brands have improved in recent years, with many of them offering a variety of eye-popping, vibrant colors and built-in conditioners to pamper your hair.

While box-dye used to be an all-over-the-head deal,

with only a few color choices, these days you can buy box-dye kits in all sorts of varieties: root touch-up kits, ombre and highlight/low light kits, and any color you could ever imagine, ranging from glow-in-the-dark neon hair chalks to semi-permanent purples, blues and greens, metallic, day-glo and even lighter, unique colors like lavender, white and silver. And hey, if you don’t like the results, you’re at home. You can always change it. Would you believe I haven’t had to dye my hair yet? I have my natural color but I know the day is coming.

We’ve seen a recent trend in other types of health and beauty procedures at home,

such as microneedling at home, manicures at home, and so on. While these procedures can be safely and professionally done at home, when administered by a well-trained and experienced technician, please do use caution when hiring these services.

Always check credentials and make sure your technician is adequately licensed,

trained, and that their equipment is clean and sterile. And as you well know, having anyone in your home can be a risk. For procedures such as microneedling, laser hair removal and more, most professionals recommend that you wait and book an appointment at a reputable spa or center when available.

You can create an awesome beauty routine right at home with just a little know-how and creativity! There’s no reason to be sitting at home miserable with no skincare, haircare, or other beauty routine. Think outside the box for creative and fun ways to pamper yourself risk-free.


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