How to Relieve Wisdom Tooth Pain

How to Relieve Wisdom Tooth Pain

By Dr. Anu Isaac, DMD

Between the age of 17 to 25, is when most people experience their third set of molars, also known as their wisdom teeth come in. Since the other 28 teeth are already in place, wisdom teeth often don’t have enough room to erupt and fit amongst your existing teeth – this causes teeth pain to occur.

Pain in wisdom teeth may resolve on its own, but in some cases, it needs active treatment. If you want to learn more about the discomfort you are experiencing in your wisdom tooth, and why wisdom teeth need to be removed, read more here.

Here are some ways to treat pain that comes with growing wisdom teeth or wisdom teeth extraction:

 1. Numbing Dental Gel

Numbing gels are available over the counter or online. They help in reducing sensation in the gums and dull the pain. These gels can be applied directly to the gums throughout the day.

 2. Ibuprofen

Ibuprofen is an over-the-counter pain relief medication that counteracts inflammation. It also helps to relieve the throbbing sensation and swelling that you may experience.

 3. Ice pack

Wrap a towel around an ice pack and apply it to reduce inflammation. This also relieves pain. Using ice can also have a numbing effect and reduce the swelling around the area of wisdom tooth removal.

4. Saltwater rinse

This is one of the most popular remedies for wisdom tooth pain. Rinse your gums with warm water and dissolved salt. This kills harmful bacteria, cleans out stuck debris, and promotes healthy gums.

 5. Use clove oil

Cloves are known as analgesics and tooth pain relievers. They contain an ingredient called eugenol, which acts as a numbing agent. Take a cotton ball, moisten it with clove oil and place it on your wisdom tooth. Keep the cotton ball there for 15 minutes before removing it. Clove also fights any bacteria present in your mouth, preventing infections.

 6. Teabags

Tannins present in tea have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Teabags are good for fighting bacterial infections and reducing swelling. Cool the tea bag before using it. Once the bag is cool, place it inside your mouth on the problem area.

7. Menthol

Menthol is a natural analgesic and brings a cooling sensation to your skin on touching it. To use menthol as a remedy to cure your tooth pain, dilute mouthwash that contains alcohol, peppermint flavor, and menthol and then apply it to the affected area.

8. Turmeric

Turmeric has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties and is a natural remedy for many ailments. Rub loose turmeric on your sore gums. This will help reduce the wisdom tooth pain. You can also rinse your mouth with water that has been boiled with 5 grams of turmeric and two pieces of clove.

It is unlikely that all your wisdom teeth will grow in at once, so the pain you experience will be on one of the four sides at one time. The pain will only completely be resolved once you get the wisdom teeth removed, so follow the tips mentioned above till then to make it bearable.

Author Bio:

Dr. Anu Isaac, DMD, runs a successful dental practice in Salem, MA. Dr. Isaac strives for quality on a daily basis and this commitment to quality is reflected in her constant pursuit of advanced training. Her firm belief that even experts need to stay updated about what’s new in the dental field, enables her to provide every patient with optimal oral care. As the founder of Coral DentalCare, she is dedicated to creating healthy, beautiful smiles for her patients and also educating the dental and non-dental community with her engaging articles on all things related to oral health, recent dental innovations, and latest treatment modalities.

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