5 Places to One Day Visit with Your Family

5 Places to One Day Visit with Your Family

 By Tarah Mills

You might have been wanting to get away for a while, or something like COVID-19 might have you thinking about travel more. Either way, here is a great list for you to consider. Check out these five places to one day visit with your family.

1. Los Angeles, CA

Have you ever wanted to take your family to Hollywood and Los Angeles? You can afford to travel to the area. You just have to look for the best deals from those who handle travel accommodations.

You also should look for specials for any of the places you want to visit while you and your family are in town. Because once your family arrives, you will have so many fun activities you all can enjoy. Grab a guided tour of Beverly Hills, the area’s TV and film studios, and the beach communities of Santa Monica and Venice Beach.


2. Kernville, CA

If you would like to head to California, but you are wanting to not visit a large city, you should consider heading to the California wilderness. The state has some amazing outdoor attractions, and you can find local businesses that will treat your family to a great time. Kernville, CA is one of those great outdoor destinations in the state you should consider.

You could take your family on a Kern River rafting experience. No matter their skill level, your family can enjoy it. There are plenty of other outdoor activities that can be organized for your family, too. And your family will be enjoying some quality time amidst the beautiful mountains of the Sequoia National Forest.


3. Panama City Beach, FL

You might want to take your family on some beach travel. Have you ever visited the Gulf Coast of Northwest Florida? The area is full of charming beach communities, and one of those great towns is Panama City Beach. You might have heard about PCB before. It used to be considered a huge Spring Break party zone, and you might have even heard it called the Redneck Riveria.

But over the years, the city has grown into more of a family-friendly destination. The city is full of fun activities your family will enjoy. You all can bungee jump, play round after round of mini-golf, and ride go-carts. There is incredible shopping for you to enjoy, and you have access to some of the best, fresh seafood out there, too. And don’t forget the area’s sandy white beaches that line the emerald green waters.


4. New York City, NY

Has your family ever traveled to New York City? Or maybe you have visited before, and your family would love to head to NYC again. The City That Never Sleeps offers you so much fun. And even if you are on a tight budget, your family can afford to travel to NYC.

You can book very affordable lodging at one of the hostels in the city. You can even book a hostel room with beds and a bathroom only for your family. If you have little ones, they really might enjoy the bunk bed style sleeping quarters most hostels feature. To stretch your budget even further you should look for deals online for the rest of your travel needs. You can locate all kinds of great deals, including discount Broadway tickets.

5. Washington, DC

If you have not ever taken your family to Washington, DC, you really should give this destination some thought, too. The city if more than the nation’s capital, but you all will indeed appreciate the rich historical and political culture. But as you walk along with the city’s movers and shakers, you also come across phenomenal restaurants and some vibrant and diverse communities.

Did you know your family can get around DC without much hassle at all? The city has one of the best public transportation systems in the world. You can jump on any of the Metro trains and go pretty much anywhere in Washington, DC. You can even make it out to charming Virginia communities like Alexandria and Arlington.

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