How to Help Your Child Become Successful at Reading

How to Help Your Child Become Successful at Reading

By Rayanne Morriss

Every parent wants the best for their child and in many cases that means thriving academically. By working with your child, you will be better able to ensure their success when it comes to furthering your child’s education. There are many ideas out there you can consider when looking into ways to boost your child’s reading level. Check out these five ways to elevate the reading level of your child.

1. Work with Their Teacher

The best place to start is by working with your child’s teacher. Your child’s teacher can help you in so many different ways that you may not have thought of. They help you with knowing exactly what areas your child could improve in, and they also can help you with figuring out which strategies would work best for your child.

Always give the advice of your child’s teacher a shot and remember that they have the credentials and experience of teaching. They also have valuable direct insight into your child. In addition, if something the teacher suggests does not work right off the bat for your child, it does not mean you should give up on that strategy or their teacher. Give any idea at least a few tries. Work with your child’s teacher until you have the perfect plan in place and stay in contact with them.

2. Use a Tutor

Your children’s teacher might recommend tutoring in order to further develop their reading capabilities. When it comes to tutoring options, you have plenty from which you can choose. If at-home tutoring is not an option for you, enrolling your child with an online tutor might be the best option for you. Consider researching companies and reading tutor programs in Frisco TX or your particular locale that offer online sessions. Make sure to choose a tutoring service with a reputable history. Check that their history includes documentable improvements other children have made. Your child deserves the best!

3. Read with Your Child

Another way you can ensure your child becomes successful at reading is to read with them. When they are a baby you can start doing this, but know it is not ever too late for you to begin. You can help your child not only become a better reader, but you also can help them develop a love for reading well into adulthood.

It is helpful if you can read books that they are reading or that you read along with the assignments they have for their schoolwork. Always try to find ways to show your child that you are interested in what they are reading. Show them that reading is fun and an important skill for them to master.

4. Enlist the Help of Family and Friends

You can up the fun factor and stress the importance of reading through family and friends. If you are married, it is helpful to make sure that your spouse is part of those efforts. Even showing enthusiasm will go a long way for your child in order to help and encourage them to take their reading more seriously. Taking time out of your day to read to or with your child can be beneficial to both of you because you are spending time together while enjoying a fun activity. Don’t forget to introduce your child to the library and show them how to find their favorite genres. This will show them the extent of options they have and possibly create more excitement for them. Being around other people who love to read can also show your child how important reading is.

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5. Reward Their Efforts

Some children will need to put in more effort than others to become a better reader. It is okay to reward your children for actively working to push themselves instead of only rewarding certain results. Letting your child know that you know how much work they are putting in will keep them motivated and reassure them that you care.

Consider taking them out for ice cream or pizza if they are feeling frustrated and need a break. Depending on their age, you could create a personalized certificate or ribbon to reward their efforts. Remember to acknowledge their progress and to praise their efforts with verbal recognition and affection. Make sure they know you appreciate them being serious about becoming a successful reader. Again, you have so many ways to reward them.

At the end of the day, children will appreciate your attention and love towards them no matter how well they may or may not be doing academically. Spending that quality time with them will let them know that you care.

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