Master Math with Smartick! An Online Platform for Children-Review

Master Math with Smartick! An Online Platform for Children-Review

We received the opportunity to review Smartick ( $135 value for 3 months) in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed here are honest and our own.

Earlier this year, we decided we were going to homeschool so I began diving into endless curriculums & information on getting started. It was all so overwhelming. I was then approached with a review opportunity to try out, an online learning platform for children.

Smartick is an online platform for children to learn and master math-

from home- in only 15 minutes a day! I was thrilled to hear about this program! Only 15 minutes a day, we are in!

We spent the first week getting familiar with Smartick. We created personalized avatars and explored the Virtual World and of course completed the 15 minutes of work every day. The program is designed for children to work independently, without relying on their parents.

After a week of getting my kids accustomed to the program,

they were able to complete their daily tasks independently with little intervention. It has been amazing watching my children become so excited and eager to learn using Smartick. Plus, it’s adaptable! You can do it anywhere, you just need a computer or tablet with an internet connection!

Each session is personalized for each individual child. They advance at their own pace, according to their abilities. I love that it is tailored to the child’s needs rather than one size fits all.  After my children completed their 15 minutes, they were free to choose to be done for the day or they could explore the Virtual World. Smartick is a playful space that offers games & activities using problem- solving skills, memory, attention, and reasoning.

I also appreciated that Smartick concludes the exercise by correcting mistakes with explanations and provides the opportunity to fix those mistakes. This was really helpful for my children to not only understand their error but because they were given the opportunity to fix the mistake, we avoided any further upset about the error.

Overall, we are thrilled with this program!

We are excited to continue our daily learning with Smartick. My children are able to learn and gain independence while mommy has a few extra minutes to herself! Win-Win! Thank you Smartick! Our family is thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow with you.


Kristie Parks

Another Mama Review of Smartick by Alison Purdy

I’m a busy homeschooling mom of three boys aged 4.5 and under.  We do a lot of organic learning but have been holding off on “sit-down” academics until they are a little older.  I definitely have the mom-guilt of not feeling like I’m doing enough academically, even at a young age. 

Then I found Smartick from  GAME CHANGER!  I have confirmation that my son is progressing in mathematics and my 3-year-old likes to watch the oldest do his “work” so he is learning as well. 

For those like my son, who isn’t reading yet,

Smartick reads the question to him which makes this a completely child-led learning experience.  With time, he’s even learning site words and doesn’t always need the question read to him.  The program is all question/problem based so it doesn’t feel like work to him and with its adaptive learning, this allows him to progress at his own pace. 

He gets very excited when he earns a tick and levels up!  I have been very impressed by what he is learning with no instruction –  just learning from his mistakes.  After every session, I get an email report of how he did that day and how many questions he got right and wrong for each category. 

I love that it allows him to go back and correct his wrong answers

as this is where the real learning happens!  Each day’s session is 15 minutes long but if they are in the middle of a problem when the timer runs out, it doesn’t end the session until they answer.  My kids both love the games after the session is complete. 

As a “tutor”, the parent has the choice of whether to allow the child to play games after they complete their session.  You can select if they play every day they complete a session or just certain days.  I really wish they had the option for a timer on games to help the child regulate their gaming.  Overall, this has been a great addition to our education program! – Alison


Smartick, the award-winning online math, and coding program endorsed by Harvard, MIT, and John Hopkins University, is currently offering consumers a free two week trial plus 20% off subscription prices!
Smartick is the 15-minute interactive online math program that creates personalized sessions for each child through AI (artificial intelligence) technology that lets children advance at their own pace and according to their own abilities. 
The program includes hundreds of educational tutorials and mentally stimulating “brain games” which children and parents can access online. Smartick is designed for children to work independently, without relying on their parents. 
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Kristie Parks

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