Travel Hacks for Finding Low-Cost Airfare

Travel Hacks for Finding Low-Cost Airfare

Before you start packing, you need to purchase your flights!

  • Go incognito! – When pricing flights online, do so using an incognito browser or on different devices. Travel sites may use cookies to track your searches. If they see you keep returning to check flights to Miami, they would interpret it as you really, really want to go to Miami, so you might not see costs coming down if you are always using the same browser.
  • Buy Direct – Sites like Expedia can be helpful to look at flights and to see which airlines offer routes to your destination, but always purchase your flights directly from that airline. In case of any changes or cancellations, you will get much better customer service if you booked at the source.
  • Days of the week to fly – airfare is typically less to fly Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Save the extra hassle and fly non-stop! – Non-stop flights are usually less expensive and will safe you travel time!

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  • Alternative airports – Especially in larger metropolitan areas, you may have more than one option for airports; however, smaller airports may remove the possibility of a non-stop flight depending on how far you are traveling. Sometimes weighing out the pros and cons here is helpful. A closer airport may mean a slightly higher price, but it might also mean you won’t need to rent a car! A larger airport may have more non-stop flight options and a better schedule to pick from.
  • Stay over on Saturday! – Including a Saturday night in your travel plans should also help keep the flight costs down.
  • Book by… – The best time to book your flights tends to be 30 to 90 days prior to your travel dates or slightly earlier for peak travel seasons like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break for domestic flights. Keep in mind that waiting to purchase your tickets could result in fewer options for flight times and seats. If you do purchase your tickets earlier, make note of the airline’s policies for changes and refunds if ticket prices go down after you have purchased them.and the million-dollar question…..
  • …What day of the week should I purchase my tickets? It used to be that Tuesdays were the best days when airlines would release schedules. Now, Sundays, Wednesdays or Thursdays seem to give you the best chance of saving on flights.

While these travel hacks aren’t foolproof, knowing just a few of these tricks should help you find low-cost airfare.

** Information in this article pertains to domestic U.S. flights only. International travel recommendations may vary.

Nancy Wideman, Travel Specialist

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