Introduction to the World of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Introduction to the World of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, the Galactic Republic maintained peace and order in the galaxy with Jedi knights and elected senators.

*During the prequel trilogy (Episodes I – III), the Sith ( the “dark side”) gain control of the Republic and form the Galactic Empire.

*In the original trilogy (Episodes IV-VI), the Rebellion fights against the empire and forms the New Republic.

*In the final trilogy (Episodes VII-IX), remnants of the Galactic Empire return as the First Order and attempt to gain back control of the galaxy. The Resistance rises up for a final battle.


The Galaxy’s Edge storyline takes place between the events of Episodes VIII and IX.

Batuu is located on the Outer Rim of the galaxy. The Black Spire Outpost is a hideaway for smugglers. Just outside the village is rumored to be the hidden base of the Resistance fighters.

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