Parents Can Now Buy Kids & Family Products from Small Businesses on Amazon with New Tech Tool

Parents Can Now Buy Kids & Family Products from Small Businesses on Amazon with New Tech Tool

From Baby Care Brands to Kids’ Toys and Home Goods, Parents Can Purchase from Small Manufacturers, Instead of Large Corporations

Parents now have the option

of choosing to support small businesses when purchasing products for their kids and families on Amazon, instead of defaulting to products sold only by large corporate retailers.

Tribe (, an online tech company helping empower consumer spending, has launched a new, free tech tool – the Small Business Browser Extension – that easily allows parents to choose products sold by small businesses across the country when purchasing thousands of popular children, lifestyle, food, home goods, and wellness products on Amazon.

The new Small Business Browser Extension

is in addition to the already existing feature in the extension allowing consumers to also choose cruelty-free products.

“Parents and families are consistently rated as one of the most conscious consumer groups in the marketplace, choosing products that support their families, the environment and their communities,” said Tribe CEO and founder Kim Pieper.

“Tribe’s free Small Business Browser Extension now gives parents and families the power to choose small makers over large corporations when shopping for their kids and home.  From baby care brands to toys and kid-friendly snack companies, parents now have the power on Amazon to choose to make their purchases from a small business.  It’s a win, win for parents, communities and the nation’s economy.”

Tribe’s Small Business Browser Extension is a free tool helping parents easily identify products sold by small businesses on Amazon.

As parents and families shop online for thousands of products

ranging from kid-friendly snack companies to toys and baby products, the Small Business Browser Extension empowers online shoppers to make the choice to easily and directly support, shop, and purchase products from America’s small business community.

“Our goal is to help families use their collective purchasing power to support a small business manufacturer selling the same or similar product on Amazon.

We want to give the family consumer as many competitive options available at their fingertips while at the same time, supporting small businesses that have been profoundly hurt during the current COVID-19 pandemic,” Pieper concluded.

When consumers install Tribe’s Small Business Browser Extension

to their browser of choice and search for their favorite products on Amazon, the free tool appears as a small box in the corner of their browser window, alerting the shopper to similar products offered by a small business. The new tool is currently available for download on Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

Click Here to View and Install the Tribe Small Business Tech Tool

     Tribe Plugin v1.jpeg         Tribe Plugin v2.jpeg

 **Examples of How Tribe Helps Identify and Allow Consumers to Select Products Directly from Small Businesses**

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