Telltale Signs of Hearing Loss in Seniors

Telltale Signs of Hearing Loss in Seniors

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When it comes to our parents, it is natural that we would want to make sure that they are happy and healthy as they approach their golden years. Living their life to the fullest when they retire is something they have probably been looking forward to for a long time.

One thing you don’t want to hurt their time is a loss of hearing. We all expect some level of hearing loss as we get older, but how do you distinguish between what is deemed as typical hearing impairment and something that needs further investigation?

There are some telltale signs that you can look out for to make sure your parents or elderly relatives aren’t struggling with hearing loss that can be helped.

Muffled or slurred speech

If someone is struggling with hearing loss chances are they won’t be able to hear themselves speak properly, therefore leading to low or muffled speech. It could be that they are mimicking what they are hearing and haven’t noticed a change in their speech pattern.

Higher volume

Are they listening to their favorite tv show or the radio at a high volume? This is a straightforward telltale sign someone is struggling with their hearing. Naturally, if they don’t realize they are losing their hearing, they will simply think they haven’t turned the volume up loud enough. If this is something that you notice occasionally and they quickly, turn the sound down after their favorite song for example, then they could only be enjoying what they love a little louder than you would expect. However, loud levels of sound is a clear indicator that something is wrong.

Talk to them

The more often you communicate with the seniors around you, the quicker you will get a handle and notice any physical ailments they could be struggling with. A quick chat regularly via video call, phone call, or face to face will help you to identify anything they need help with.

Then you can approach them with the subject of seeking assistance for their hearing problems whether this is via using hearing aids, medical treatments, or medication or in some cases via surgery.


Hearing loss can be a very isolating feeling. In some people, this may cause them to withdraw into themselves. Isolation and loneliness can exacerbate the issues even more as they start to turn down invites or also visits to family and friends. They may not even realize what they are experiencing is hearing loss and simply attribute what they are going through to changes due to age.

In conclusion; being as present and active in the lives of the senior members of your family can help you identify and help to correct any health issues. Not just hearing loss and help them regain their healthy life quickly before it even becomes a serious issue. Helping them to get the right treatment for this issue can be a massive weight off your mind and a great way of helping them retain their independence for many more years to come.


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