Canines-N-Kids’ BARKE SALES Give Kids an Outdoor, Safer Way to Raise Funds to Beat Cancers Shared by Kids and Dogs

Canines-N-Kids’ BARKE SALES Give Kids an Outdoor, Safer Way to Raise Funds to Beat Cancers Shared by Kids and Dogs

Tool Kit with Social Distancing Tips Offered

For kids and families looking for a fun and safer way to give back this summer, the Canines-N-Kids Foundation (CNK), a nonprofit working to put an end to the cancers kids and man’s best friend both develop, is encouraging them to host a BARKE SALE and is providing a tool kit with step-by-step instructions that include social distancing tips.

Using the traditional bake sale model,

a BARKE SALE enables kids anywhere to raise awareness and funds for cancer research that can speed up the development of better medicines and a cure for both by offering tasty treats.

“By organizing a BARKE SALE, kids are empowered to help other kids and their pet friends beat cancer,” said Ulrike Szalay, executive director and founder of Canines-N-Kids.

“During this COVID-19 era, we want to encourage kids to sell pet treats—using social distancing and masks–to help raise needed research funds as well as awareness about how dogs and children share many of the same cancers.”

The Canines-N-Kids’ BARKE SALE

generally feature goodies for people and pets; but given the pandemic, CNK is encouraging BARKE SALES to only include pet treats this year and to conduct them in a driveway or sidewalk close to home, instead of at commercial areas. Also, masks and social distancing are encouraged.

CNK offers a free online BARKE SALE kit containing flyers, postcards and a step-by-step instruction guide. Or, for a small fee, there is a “BARKE SALE in a Box,” a turnkey toolkit which includes everything from the online kit as well as cookie cutters, a poster, recipes, stickers and more.

Both versions of the kit also include tips for having a BARKE SALE during a pandemic as well as paw graphics that can be taped to the sidewalk to keep customers spaced six feet apart. Those interested in holding a BARKE SALE need to register on the CNK’s web site——to receive their supplies.

According to the American Cancer Society,

cancer is the number one cause of disease-related death in children. Nearly 16,000 children in the US will be diagnosed with cancer this year and yet only four drugs have been approved for kids’ cancers the past 40 years. For the six million canine patients diagnosed with cancer each year, the outlook is no better. Nearly half of all canines die from cancer.

Several cancers develop in both kids and man’s best friend such as bone cancer, brain cancer, lymphoma and leukemia. In many cases, these cancers are biologically similar or even indistinguishable between kids and dogs, and also far more prevalent in man’s best friend.

Funds raised through a BARKE SALE will support the Foundation’s work to promote the promising science of comparative oncology – studying and treating spontaneously developing cancer in canine patients when they get sick. The research can help doctors better understand and accelerate the development of better medicines and a cure for kids with those same cancers.

About Canines-N-Kids Foundation

The Canines-N-Kids Foundation is a recognized charitable nonprofit committed to finding a cure to the devastating cancers that canines and children face in common, including bone cancer, brain cancer, lymphoma and leukemia.






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