4 Easy Ways to Make Your Back Patio More Private for the Family

4 Easy Ways to Make Your Back Patio More Private for the Family

By Rachelle Wilber

As the warmer months roll in, a backyard patio takes the place of the family as the hub of gatherings for friends and family. As you spend more and more time on your patio, the last thing you want is to feel like you’re on display for all the neighbors. Here are four incredibly simple ideas to give you and your family the coveted privacy as you soak up some sunshine this summer.

Grow a Hedge or Install a Faux One

Natural patio and yard hedges are always an elegant classic option that provides the privacy you and your family are looking for, while also adding lush greenery to the space that always livens up the environment.

You will need to do some research or consult a professional to determine what type of plant you want for the hedge and how much care it will need. Green thumb, not your thing? Not enough soil to grow a hedge around the patio? No worries. Today’s faux hedges are a fantastic option with a myriad of choices when it comes to height, style, sizing, and even some modern upgrades like soundproofing.

Add Lattice Screening

Lattice screening has become the gold standard for backyard patios. Not only does the wooden paneled screening provide coveted privacy for your family and friends, the lattice style makes sure you still have plenty of light and don’t feel closed in from the view of your backyard beyond the patio. On the opposite hand, the wooden lattice screen provides a soft shade, meaning that your patio stays cooler without sacrificing sunlight.

Grow a Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens kill two birds with one stone: they provide privacy and add a beautiful element of greenery to the family patio. Vertical gardens also serve the functional purpose of being an excellent spot to grow fresh herbs, small vegetables, and flowers that can be enjoyed outside or clipped and brought inside to place around the house. Not to mention that a vertical garden is a great family project to get everyone involved in patio gardening.

Add Fabric Drapes

There isn’t anything that gives off the air of breezy, coastal elegance on a patio than the addition of fabric drapes. Bring this coastal aesthetic onto the patio by choosing to hang outdoor curtains. Choose thin, lightweight curtains to allow the breezes in during warmer months, and change them out to drapes of a heavier cloth as the cooler temperature warms in to extend the lifespan of your patio gathering time.




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