How Understanding Flow State Will Improve Your Quality of Life!

How Understanding Flow State Will Improve Your Quality of Life!

Why should I care about my flow state?

Flow state is that place where you are being productive and experiencing a sense of enjoyment at the same time. You could also say a flow state is when you are totally absorbed by something beyond the point of distraction.  Time seems to fly when you are in your flow state, even if what you are doing is challenging.  Finding these moments are super healthy for your brain and for your overall well-being.

Having a challenging job, or doing something that is challenging, can be a good thing. Having a stressful job, or doing something stressful would be considered a bad thing. Even though we can’t avoid stressful situations that life may bring, finding those flow state moments are very important.

Examples of being in your flow state

would be mowing the grass, walking, cooking, playing an instrument, talking to your best friend on the phone, or simply taking a drive.  It’s anything that you’re doing that takes some effort but is not stressful.  I find that playing guitar for me is my favorite form of flow state where I can get creative and unwind. Working on a job project where you are using your talents and can see and sense accomplishment is another great example of experiencing your flow state.

Steps to achieve a flow state

Is to start by choosing something that you love to do, or a challenging task, but not too challenging. It’s also important to find your quiet, peak time where you are mentally rested before you start the activity. Lastly, clear away distractions and focus on what you are doing entirely.  Make a journal of your best flow state moments and revisit them on a consistent basis. This has the potential to really build a healthy mind which also affects your entire well-being. Less clutter in our minds leads to a fulfilling life!!

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