Lower Inflammation in the Body With These Two Methods

Lower Inflammation in the Body With These Two Methods

Sweating a little bit every day

is probably one of the most underrated ways to relieve your body of toxins and lower stress. I should have NEVER sold my sauna that I used almost every day for 2 years when I lived in the Colorado mountains. The heat alone was great for circulation which instantly helped with relieving stiffness in the body.

The first couple of times it took about 15 minutes to officially start the sweating process. The more you sweat, the more your pores open up and it actually becomes easier to sweat each time. Eventually, when I would do a full session in the sauna for 40 min, I would start sweating the first 5 minutes and I could honestly say it was like running a 5k, but I just let the sauna do all the work. =)

Check out this article on cleaning out your pores while sweating.

The most important thing

I have learned when you sweat is to shower right afterward. Your pores open up to release the toxins and will close up when you cool down. It’s important to rinse off the toxins found in your sweat before the pores close back up. I made the mistake of doing a sauna session and showered later in the day. I could definitely tell the difference.

I would recommend looking at a 2-person sauna that you can plug into a regular outlet. The one I purchased was around $1400.00. Here is the exact unit. You can find some with free shipping. I do not get any kickbacks on this, just helpful information.

Recognizing Inflammation Triggers

can also be key to keeping inflammation low or eliminating it. Some of the most common triggers would be anything that dehydrates your body.  Some of the main dehydration triggers are caffeine, too much salt, and lack of fruits and vegetables. Here is a great article on 10 surprising things that can cause dehydration.

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