What’s the Drinking Habit Doing to My Skin?

What’s the Drinking Habit Doing to My Skin?

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The following is a guest post by Dennis Tran of MenGlowUp.com. Dennis helps young men with limited grooming knowledge develop great styles and live better lives.

“Let’s go out for a drink”

When this statement from your friends becomes the norm, probably on a daily basis, then you should begin to worry.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 58,069 alcohol-related deaths were recorded in the USA in 2017. On average, 159 Americans died daily from alcohol in that year. What’s more worrying is that 76% of these figures were men aged between 35 and 64 years.

If these figures don’t trigger anything, then here’s another fact for you: Alcohol kills 2.5 million people a year.

But the media isn’t ready to share with you this data. Brands are all about making sales and increasing their profits. In 2019 alone, the sale of alcoholic beverage drinks in the USA hit $252.82 billion. And the profit margins are expected to rise each year.

What Does Alcohol Do To Your Body?

The right question here should actually be: does alcohol affect your appearance? And the answer should be simple – Yes. You only need to look at someone who’s been drinking for a long time to come to a conclusion.

Alcohol is among the worst, most lethal, most aggressive compounds to destroy the skin. After a night of heavy drinking, you wake up the next morning wishing that there’s a glass of water beside you.

That’s because alcohol slows down your body system making the kidneys work twice as hard to regulate the excess fluid. This dehydrates your skin.

Your skin rapidly jumps from the soft and hydrated skin you’ve always boasted of to being cracked and wrinkled.

But this is only the beginning of your woes. Alcohol is more dangerous than you think. Here are X things that will happen to your skin (and body generally) if you continue to consume alcohol in excessive amounts.

Bad Odor

Everyone who drinks wants to pretend that bad odor isn’t one of the effects of alcohol when it actually is. You see while drinking, you keep telling yourself that alcohol is the only good thing you’ve got when the opposite is true. Alcohol is the only bad thing you’ve got. It’s the beginning of your woes. And amongst these woes is bad odor.

According to the Institute of Alcohol Studies, 10% of the alcohol you consume is excreted from the body through urine, sweat, and breath.

Beer Belly

There is the stereotype misrepresented that people who drink alcohol are skinny, bonny, frail, and wasted; because that’s how alcohol is portrayed to us. But the reality is totally different.

Alcohol drinkers are fat and overweight, thanks to all the calories found in alcohol. The calories present in alcohol aren’t processed similarly to those found in foods, nope. These are ‘useless’ calories, and all they do is hang around in the bloodstream awaiting excretion in the liver.

These calories doubled up with junk turn to fat, and that’s the beer belly you see. Let’s be honest, beer bellies suck. And no, they don’t portray wealth. Bill Gates doesn’t have a beer belly, does he?


The redness I’m talking about here is similar to that of a white person who’s been exercising for hours. Drinking alcohol makes you look exhausted all the time.

What happens is that alcohol dilates your cardiovascular system (your veins and capillaries). They swell and expand, giving you a ruddy complexion especially below the nose. Alcohol damages these veins and capillaries so much that they swell and burst.

At the end of the day, your nose swells. You don’t want this to happen. You’ll look old, fat, and ugly.


One of the reasons for your dry skin might be excessive alcohol consumption. In more extreme cases, you can appear acne. Acnes and pimples are irritating and downgrading. You’re always on the lookout for skincare products or home remedies to deal with them.

Acnes can leave behind a permanent scar on your face. And this has a huge negative effect on the level of your attractiveness. In short, the point I’m trying to drive home is that alcohol makes you ugly– there’s no better way of putting it.

Once you stop drinking, you realize that your skin slowly turns back to its old normal state. The pimples start disappearing, and your skin is now oily. Think of the time, money, and hassle of searching for skincare products that this saves you from.


Believe it or not, drinking alcohol increases your risk of getting cancer. There are six kinds of cancer associated with alcohol: mouth and throat cancer, larynx (voice box) cancer, esophagus cancer, colon and rectum cancer, liver cancer, and breast cancer (in women).

How do alcohol and cancer relate? You might ask yourself. Well, your body breaks down alcohol into a chemical known as acetaldehyde. This chemical damages your DNA and prevents the body from repairing itself.

When the DNA is damaged, your body loses the ability to control itself and can overproduce cells, leading to a cancer tumor.

There’s more

Alcohol does not only affect your appearance but the appearance of others too. It gives you an impression different from reality. That’s why you can enter into a club or bar (as a single man) and think ‘Nope, not too many attractive counterparts today.’ Then at 2 am after heavy drinking, you look around and ALAS! ‘When did all the supermodels arrive at the club?’

And the next morning you wake up next to Celine Dion when you thought you had bagged an Angelina Jolie.

Alcohol affects your judgment and sight. While you can be worried about what it does to your skin because that’s what people around you see, you should be more worried about its effect on the brain. In short, alcohol makes you stupid!

But Skincare Products Use Alcohol

Yes! There are numerous skincare products that include alcohol as part of their ingredients. But the alcohol here is used in very low concentration.

Moreover, there are different types of alcohol. Those used in skincare products are known as fatty alcohols. These are non-irritating and are exceptionally beneficial to the skin. Such alcohols are labeled as cetyl, Cetearyl, and stearyl alcohols.

But the parting shot is that alcohol in skincare products is at a very low percentage. This way, it can stabilize the products and give your skin a pleasing texture without causing harm


If these effects of alcohol won’t convince you to change your drinking habits, then I don’t know what will.

While moderate drinking is safe for most guys, heavy alcohol consumption can have devastating effects on your physical and mental health. Moderate drinking isn’t bad; once in a while, maybe when watching a game with your friends at the bar. But know when to stop.

According to Dietary Guidelines, moderate drinking involves at most two glasses a day, with two or three days in a week off alcohol. Maintain this and you’ll be good. Your face is a reflection of your diet. Keep this in mind the next time you’re sipping your favorite alcoholic drink.

I normally say this; if you want to get old quickly, drink alcohol.

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