Why Regularly Switching Cuisines Is So Important For Health

Why Regularly Switching Cuisines Is So Important For Health

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We’re fortunate to live in a culture where you can eat pretty much whatever cuisine you like. But it turns out that eating recipes from a wide range of cultures isn’t just interesting – it also carries a host of health benefits.

It Provides You With A Greater Range Of Nutrients

Throughout most of human history, people ate whatever food grew in their local area. But their diets weren’t unvaried. Research shows that the average early human ate around two hundred different plant and animal species per week, providing them with a massive influx of nutrients.

As farming and industrialization took over, though, the range of available foods and nutrients dropped. Producers favored some cultivars over others, and we wound up with a smaller selection of food.

When you think about it, the average person is eating mainly corn, wheat, and soy. There’s nothing wrong with those foods. But they should comprise a sensible proportion of the diet – not the whole thing.

That’s why eating from different cuisines and switching things up can be so beneficial. When you eat teriyaki shrimp stir fry, you’re getting a very different complement of nutrients compared to, say, eating steak and fries.

Science shows that dietary variety is just as important as eating healthy ingredients. And in places like Japan and Korea, people will ask you how many different ingredients you’ve eaten during the week. Could be 30 or more.

It Keeps Your Palate Interested

Bodybuilders will often put themselves on grueling dietary regimens. Every day, they eat the same things: chicken, brown rice, and broccoli. Not only is the food tasteless, but it is also boring. It’s nearly impossible to continue eating it, day in, day out, without a break.

It doesn’t have to be this way – even if you’re on a health kick. Your food need not be bland. Herbs and spices are extremely healthy and very effective at making meals taste delicious. Plus, when you change what you eat every day of the week, you keep your body interested. You avoid feeling saturated with one particular taste sensation or another. And that helps you stick with a healthy diet. It doesn’t get dull.

It Allows You To Discover What You Enjoy The Most

Going on a healthy diet is a voyage of discovery. You often find yourself experiencing taste sensations you never had before.

Unfortunately, though, a lot of people get stuck in a single cuisine. And they never really find the combinations of flavors that give them joy.

That’s yet another reason why switching up cuisines is so important. It provides you with access to multiple textures and tastes, allowing you to pick your favorites.

For instance, you could start on Monday with sushi and finish on Friday with sloppy Joes made of lentils.

Continually seeking out new flavors can be a fun experience in itself. Sometimes, your efforts will fall flat on their faces. But occasionally, you’ll wind up with something that tastes great and can become a regular part of your schedule.

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