Lego with Dad – Book Promotion

Lego with Dad – Book Promotion

I received a copy of Lego with Dad ($24.95 value/paperback) in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Lego lovers….look out!

Warren Nash has just come up with a GREAT Lego book that provides some “Creatively Awesome Brick Projects for Parents and Kids to Build Together”.

This colorful 200+ page book will provide hours of Lego building.  Each project is broken down into specialty pieces needed and has steps to perform to completion.

Personally, I thought the beauty of this book is the creativity of it.

When Legos first came out, you bought the Legos and created whatever you want.  Now everything is a kit to build exactly this and exactly that.

Nash’s book brings us oldies back to those days to thinking outside of the box to create a Lego project.  I think this book actually sparks a more of an interest to be creative than just making a specific project on a specific box.

Lego with Dad also gives a quick background of “Essential Materials”, “Lego How-to’s” and then goes into “Classic Creations”….like cars, birds, etc; then “Fun for Everyone” that consists of a photo frame, tractor, bookends; “For the Adventurous” which leads into a train engine, crane; and lastly, “Lego in Motion” which has a helicopter, cable car, and many more ideas.

Lego with Dad is geared for ages 8-12 (grades 3-7).  For any willing and able child and parent to build Legos, this book would be a good fit.  Get yours today for Christmas!  Lego with Dad can be purchased at your local bookstore or at Amazon.

About the Author

About the Author Warren Nash started out as a YouTuber, creating content on DIY and food. Since the launch of his channel, Warren has achieved more than 10 million views with a huge following across the globe.

Now a father, Nash has also seen success with his content based around fatherhood and activities to do with your kids, including arts and crafts, and of course, LEGO®. He has been passionate about LEGO® all his life and has played with it from a young age. With so many building possibilities, Nash credits LEGO® with constantly keeping his imagination alive and his creativity going. For more about him, visit

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