Save $$ and Make a Budget You Can Stick to this Holiday Shopping Season “BUDGETNISTA” Tiffany Aliche – Interview

Save $$ and Make a Budget You Can Stick to this Holiday Shopping Season “BUDGETNISTA” Tiffany Aliche – Interview

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Easy ways to save $$ and make a budget you can stick to this holiday shopping season with the “Budgetnista” Tiffany Aliche.  She will also share details of a $1 Million “Giftaway”

Americans are gearing up for a holiday shopping season like no other. Purse strings are tighter than ever during these trying times and consumers are looking for solutions to save money any way they can. In fact, 37% of Americans spend between 1-2 hours A WEEK looking for online coupons and discounts.

That’s where Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche enters the picture.  Tiffany is an Amazon #1 bestselling author of “The One Week Budget” and the Live Richer Challenge series.

She has also created a financial movement that has helped over 1 million women worldwide collectively save more than $150 million and pay off over $100 million in debt. These women that participate in this global movement call themselves, Dream Catchers.

Join me in a recent interview with Tiffany

as she tells us how to get the most bang for our buck this holiday shopping season. She also shared information about how your viewers can be part of $1 million giveaway! Here are some of her tips:

· How to make your $ go further: Tiffany will share her ultimate budget do’s and don’ts for this gift buying season

· Price-busting online tools: Tiffany will share information about her favorite money saving online tools like Honey. Honey helps find coupons and savings when you’re shopping online so you discover some of the best deals and avoid overpaying this holiday season. Tiffany will also share how Honey users can be part of a $1 million “Giftaway,” as Honey is helping pay for 1000s of gifts each week.

See the entire interview here:

More about Tiffany

Tiffany Aliche is the “The Budgetnista.” She is an award-winning teacher of financial education and an Amazon #1 bestselling author of The One Week Budget and the Live Richer Challenge series.

Tiffany credits her experience as a preschool teacher for 10 years in Newark, NJ for defining her purpose behind The Budgetnista…education.

In 2019, Tiffany transformed her commitment into legislation when she partnered with Assemblywoman Angela V. McKnight to write a bill that was later signed into Law A1414 (The Budgetnista Law). This law made it mandatory for financial education to be integrated into all middle schools in New Jersey.

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