How to Make 2021 Your Healthiest Year Yet

How to Make 2021 Your Healthiest Year Yet

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Every new year, many of us make promises to ourselves that this year we will eat better and exercise more. Statistics show that of the top five new year’s resolutions for 2020, four are related to health, fitness, and wellbeing. This demonstrates that being healthier is at the forefront of most people’s minds.

Turning good intentions into action can be a lot harder in reality. Many people find it hard to stick with resolutions, and studies show that most good intentions get abandoned on the 19th of January each year, which seems to be a popular day for giving up resolutions.

If you find yourself making new year’s resolutions, but struggle to stick with them, then as you can see, you are not alone. If you want to make 2021 different and make it your healthiest year yet, then a different approach is needed. Here are some ideas to help you make 2021 your year of health and stick with it throughout the entire year:

Get the Family Involved

Making health the focus for the whole family during 2021 is beneficial for everyone. All parents want their kids to grow up with healthy habits and thrive, and starting these habits in motion early is a great way to make that a reality. Having the family on board with a healthier way of living makes it much easier for you to stick with your resolution. When everyone in the family is embracing healthy habits, you will find that you have less temptation to resist, which will help you to maintain your willpower.

Re-Think Your Diet

Starting the new year with the intention of eating healthy and losing weight is fantastic. However, if you only have a vague idea of how you are going to ensure that you stick with your resolution, you may be setting yourself up to fail. Following a set plan can help you to take the guesswork out of eating healthily and will give you a much better chance of achieving your goals. Specific eating plans such as the fasting mimicking diet plan will ensure that you are fully prepared for success and have everything you need to reach your desired goals. Your plan will equip you with the guidance and support to make a positive change to your eating habits.

Learn to Stress Less

Being stressed not only feels unpleasant, but it can also harm your health. Stress is responsible for a whole host of conditions and can have a hugely negative effect on your wellbeing. Prolonged stress can lead to insomnia but can also reinforce unhealthy habits such as drinking alcohol to cope with stress and also lead you to comfort eat. Finding effective ways to deal with your stress is one of the single biggest changes that you can make to improve your health. Fitness, meditation, and mindfulness are all strategies people use to combat stress. Finding a stress-busting solution that works for you is essential to help you keep your health resolutions over the coming year.


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