Simple Tips For People That Always Forget Their Medication

Simple Tips For People That Always Forget Their Medication

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If you rely on medication to manage one or more health problems, missing a day or two can have serious consequences. But as you get older and you are more likely to be taking multiple pills each day, it gets harder to stay on top of your medication.

It’s vital that you take all of your medication and also that you don’t mix the wrong pills together. In some cases, this can be incredibly dangerous, so you don’t have much room for error. If you are struggling to stay on top of your medication, here are some great tips to help you get it right.

Make Sure That You Don’t Run Out

People often end up running out of medication because they leave too late to get more. It’s important that you keep a good eye on all of your medications so you know exactly how much you have left. When you start running a bit low, get some more right away so you always have more than you need.

If you are having difficulty paying for your medication, it’s important that you seek help. There are options like Medicare to help you make your medical costs more manageable. If you want to learn more about your options, talk to your doctor, and ask them for some advice.

Use A Pill Box

Pillboxes are one of the best ways to keep on track with your medication. You can split all of your pills up into separate days, so all you need to do is open up the container on each day and take the medication inside. As long as you can remember to keep filling it up properly each week, you’ll find it a lot easier to take the right medication each day. If you want to make life even easier for yourself, ask the pharmacist if they can make your medication up in dosette boxes for you when you order it. That way, you’ll get it all boxed up in separate days, labeled with morning, afternoon, and evening. You don’t even need to worry about filling your pillbox up each week because it will all be sorted for you.

Link It To Your Routine

If you are prone to forgetting your medication, try linking it to your routine to make it easier. For example, why not take your medication as soon as you have brushed your teeth in the morning? When you link it to another part of your daily routine that you always do each day, it’s much easier to remember.

Leave Yourself Reminders

If you are really bad at taking your medication and you still forget even though you link it to your daily routine, you should start leaving yourself reminders. Sticky notes are perfect for this because you can leave them around the house in areas that you know you will go. Why not put one on the Keurig or coffee maker, for example, so you remember your medication as soon as you make your morning cup of coffee? Placing these reminders is a brilliant way to keep up with your medication, but only if you remember to do them in the first place.

In many cases, it’s better to use an alarm instead of leaving notes. You use an alarm to get up every morning, so why not use one to remember your medication? If you set an alarm on your phone, it will go off each day when it’s time to take your pills. The benefit of an alarm is that you can set it to repeat, so you only need to remember it once.

Ask Your Doctor About Alternative Medications

If you have lots of different pills to take each day, it’s way harder to keep up with what you should be taking and when. However, there are usually alternative options that roll multiple pills into one. There may even be other treatment options so you don’t need to take any medication at all, just be aware that they may not be as effective. Even if you can only replace a few of your pills, it still makes things easier for you. It’s a good idea to speak to your doctor and ask if there is any way to cut back on your medication so it’s easier to manage.

If you have tried everything and you are really struggling to keep up with your medication, it’s important to speak to a friend or family member and ask for their help. They will be able to send you reminders and, if necessary, arrange for some extra professional help to manage your health.


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