5 Tips You Need to Know While Moving From New York to Michigan

5 Tips You Need to Know While Moving From New York to Michigan

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By Amanda Kim

The City of New York has witnessed a big departure of its residents over the last few years, with these departures gaining even more momentum since the Covid-19 pandemic struck the U.S and beyond.

There are many reasons behind this, spanning from security to rising costs of living, exorbitant tax rates, and fewer job opportunities, just to mention but a few.

Recently, this has been caused by the many companies who have chosen to close up shop in favor of cities that promise a friendlier business environment than the Big Apple, especially with regard to the small matter of taxes.

There is no particular favored destination for New Yorkers fleeing the city. The states that have soaked in this influx results from interstate moving ranging from neighboring states like Philly and Michigan, to those, farther out like Florida, Texas, and even Washington State.

Now, for New Yorkers planning a move to Michigan, there are few things worth highlighting.

Michigan has a lower cost of living

There are few places in the country that can hold a candle against the Big Apple when it comes to the cost of living.

Everyone and their neighbor around the block know that living in NYC comes at a hefty cost.

If the high cost of living is one of the factors motivating your move, you will be happy to know that Michigan’s living cost is not only low relative to other states, but also lower than the national average (89 vs 100).

As of 2020, the median home cost in Michigan stands at $192,104 against a national average of $320,000.

You’ll need to pick a peninsula

Before moving to Michigan, it is important to do your homework and research so-to-speak.

First, understand that the state is divided into two parts – the more rural upper peninsula (U.P.) is famed for its breathtaking natural beauty and the flatter lower peninsula (L.P.)is where most of Michigan’s population live and the major cities are located.

Keep in mind that these are two very distinct areas, whether it’s with regard to the climate (winters in U.P. are harsher), the people (U.P. residents are more outdoorsy), food (U.P. is known more for its traditional cuisine).

The unemployment rate is a concern

If you are moving from New York to Michigan with high hopes, it’s important to understand that the state is also experiencing unemployment in these challenging times.

The employment rate in Michigan isn’t as high as it used to be (like in previous years) and unfortunately, Covid-19 has only made things worse at this time.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one in four of the workforce is now unemployed but hoping this will improve as the pandemic lessens and disappears altogether.  The state is doing better than New York’s rate on that front.

Quality of education depends on the level

Michigan is a state of contrasts. Once famed for its stellar public schools, the education system in Michigan has also faced many challenges over the last few years.

This is not to say it is broken; it just isn’t the same as it once was. Currently, the issues are due to the Pandemic and children having to learn remotely or transition to homeschooling altogether.

But it’s a different matter when it comes to colleges. The state is home to roughly 50 colleges and universities, a few of which are considered the best in the country. For example, Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, and top liberal arts colleges like Hillsdale College and Hope College.

Great place to live

If you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of NYC, Michigan is a stark contrast to that. The picturesque state is big on the outdoors.

It boasts the largest freshwater coastline besides Alaska and has been listed in some quarters as the best state in the country for its diverse beauty, coastline, and of course, locally-made beer options.


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