4 Activities That Can Improve Your Hearing

4 Activities That Can Improve Your Hearing

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If you want to get in shape, lose weight, or gain muscle, you probably already know that exercise is the way to do it. You can take care of almost any part of your body through different physical activities.

While you may not be able to run a marathon to improve your hearing health, there are actually things you can actively do each day to take better care of your ears. By doing them, you can protect yourself from rapid hearing loss and avoid becoming one of the 5% of the world’s population that struggles with it.

If you’ve never heard of activities that can actually help to improve your hearing, keep reading! These are things you can do every day, and most of them have additional benefits for your mind and body as well.

1. Yoga

When most people do yoga, they aren’t thinking about their ears. Yoga is great for reducing stress, improving flexibility, and getting in a great workout that can improve your overall health.

But, certain yoga poses are actually meant to help with circulation throughout your body. Improved circulation improves the nerve functions in your body, including your ears. It can also help to get rid of toxins that could be impacting your hearing. Improved circulation can result in improved hearing, overall. So, if you’ve never tried yoga before, it could be time to introduce it into your weekly workout routine.

2. Keep Your Brain Active

One of the best things you can do to improve your hearing is to keep your brain as sharp as possible. Doing something as simple as solving word puzzles each day can make a big difference in your brain activity, and your hearing health.

Some studies have shown a direct link between hearing loss and mental health issues, like depression or anxiety. By keeping your mind sharp and taking care of your mental health, you can reduce your risk of hearing issues and give your brain a good workout all at once.

3. Meditate

People meditate for a variety of reasons. Many times it’s to reduce stress and feel more centered. But, it can also help to improve the health of your ears.

It’s so easy to develop hearing loss these days due to constantly being surrounded by loud noises. Giving your ears time to rest and relax can actually “heal” them a bit after they’ve been exposed to excess noise. Meditation is a great way to give them that period of rest. Even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time, sitting somewhere quietly and focusing on nothing but your breathing and passing thoughts can provide soothing relief for your ears when they need it most!

Exercise Your Ears

Again, you exercise other parts of your body to make them stronger and get them into shape. You can do the same with your ears. While that doesn’t mean you need to run a marathon in order to improve your hearing, it does mean you should take the time to occasionally “train” your ears.

How can you do that?

One of the best ways to exercise your ears is to try to identify where certain sounds are coming from. You can do this naturally if you’re in public. Try to sit in one spot in a public area and listen for different sounds. You might hear a conversation somewhere, a car going by somewhere, etc. Try to pinpoint where each sound is coming from.

If you want a more controlled environment, have someone place different sources of sound in your home. They might put a radio in one room and have a phone ringing in another. You would sit somewhere in-between and try to determine where each sound is coming from.

It may sound simple, but it can be more difficult than you think!  Like any other type of exercise, it will take time and practice before you become a “pro”, and you can continue to make things harder on yourself by trying to identify more sounds from further away.

Hearing loss is nothing to take lightly. It affects so many people. And while sometimes it’s genetics that plays a part, lifestyle choices are often the culprit. If you’re already struggling with hearing loss, it’s a good idea to learn more about things like hearing aids or other methods that can be used to help you keep your quality of life. But, if you want to improve your hearing starting today, keep some of these activities in mind and put them into practice.


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