4 Ways to Keep Your Kids Calm at the Dentist

4 Ways to Keep Your Kids Calm at the Dentist

For young children, going to the dentist can be quite scary. Even adults may be nervous about visiting the dentist. It may be the sound of the drilling close to our mouth, or it may just be the thought of taking a needle in the gum. Either way, your children may be a bit uneasy about visiting the family dentist. Here are four ways that you can keep them calm during their next visit.

Talk About It

It’s not uncommon for children to keep their fears all bottled up inside. Instead of letting them deal with unnecessary fears, talk to them about them. Many times, simply getting their fears out on the table is enough to take the pressure off. Be sure to answer all of their questions and ask your dentist to interject if there is anything that you don’t know.

Have Them Take A Comfort Toy

Our brain attaches a sense of comfort to certain objects in our life. For you, it may be seeing a glass of wine. For your child, it’s likely a favorite toy or blanket. Let them take that comfort toy with them when they visit your family dentist. Simply explain to the dental professionals that it’s a comfort toy that will help they feel relaxed during the experience.

Bring Them Something to Do While They Wait

Something that will make your child’s fears ten times worse is spending a long time waiting for the dentist. Think about it. It’s very easy to make a fear blow up bigger in your head when you’re left waiting. Instead, bring your child something to keep their mind busy while they wait for their appointment time. You don’t want them to end up getting too freaked out to proceed with their necessary appointment.

Remained Relaxed

Your children look at you a lot to get an idea of what they’re supposed to do. When you portray a relaxed demeanor, it goes a long way in keeping them calm. Be sure to stay close to your child and see if the dentist will let you stay in the room. Just having your presence near them can do a lot for calming your child during their next dental appointment.

The dentist is ingrained as a scary place for many children. You can help to take the edge off by practicing the tips above. Remember that by having consistent appointments, your child will eventually get used to the routine of going to the dentist.

Brooke Chaplan

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